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Jim Sinclair's Commentary Mr. Williams reports the jungled with the figures matrix one more time. - Revisions to Trade-Balance Reporting Methodology Indicate Minimally a 3% Historical Understatement of the U.S. Trade Shortfall - Negative Implications for 2016 GDP Benchmark Revisions - Narrowing of the Headline July Trade Deficit Had Positive Implications for Third-Quarter GDP Reporting... The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/09/03 at 10:41pm
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Gold futures ended at a one-week low Thursday, down for a second straight day and for their seventh loss in nine sessions. Silver, meanwhile, posted a sixth gain in a row. Gold for December delivery... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/09/03 at 5:17pm
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Gold was hit by selling early in the New York trade and stayed there, while silver, which is now in its active month, showed a little more resilience. Things were remarkably quiet at The Bucket Shop yesterday. There was intraday commentary about the steady increase in leverage of physical gold over a greater number of paper claims in New York, and most likely in London.  You may read that More ››
2015/09/03 at 4:56pm
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The usual suspects are out there banging the drum for the Fed to hike rates in September today. Let's see how the Non-Farm Payrolls report comes out tomorrow morning. The rest of the data today was nothing to cheer about. I think the Fed might be in a race with the equity markets.    They do not look healthy at all, for all the reasons we have discussed, and mostly been ignored. The risks More ››
2015/09/03 at 4:31pm
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Snippet: Gold fell $11.63 to $1121.97 at about 8:45AM EST before it bounced back higher at times, but it still ended with a loss of 0.72%. Silver slipped to as low as $14.577 before it jumped up to $14.953 and then fell back off, but it ended at just unchanged on the day. More ››
2015/09/03 at 4:05pm
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Re: Obama Calls for More Coast Guard Icebreakers to Gain Foothold in Arctic Dear Sirs: President Obama's call for Congress to fund new icebreakers for the Arctic is troubling. Whereas, most nations of the world see the receding icecap as an opportunity to gain cheaper access to previously inaccessible natural resources and/or a shorter path to markets, President Obama worries about endangering the environment. In other words, most of nations want to build a better world for mankind, whereas President Obama wants to prevent anyone from doing so. A true statesman would see that the real threat to the Arctic comes from More ››
2015/09/03 at 1:41pm
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The 'claims per ounce of gold' deliverable at current prices has spiked higher once again, to 126:1. As soon as the 'active month' of August was over at The Bucket Shop, JPM took a chunk of gold back off the registered for delivery roster.   In the silver market JPM is gaining the reputation for a large physical silver hoard, and the role of a 'fireman' to maintain the stability of leverage More ››
2015/09/03 at 1:30pm
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In about two weeks, the United States Mint will release its third Coin & Chronicle Set of the year, this one featuring John F. Kennedy. This year's first two sets for Harry S. Truman and Dwight... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/09/03 at 1:16pm
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It has been silver's turn to shine this week, as it was a clear buying favourite amongst GoldMoney's customers. Dealing Manager at the online precious metals trader, Kelly-Ann Kearsey said, “Gold rallied to a one week high on Tuesday before slipping back again, but it's treading water right now. Silver has been far more interesting and is coming from a relatively low price base." “Gold's furtunes were hit by a stronger dollar as a result of strong US jobs data. It has given hope to a more imminent rate rise in the US, despite warnings from the IMF that the US and More ››
2015/09/03 at 12:44pm
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At noon ET today, Sept. 3, the U.S. Mint released the last 2015-dated Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set. This newest collectible commemorates Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/09/03 at 12:04pm
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We attempted to explain this in yesterday's podcast but it seemed as though this data needed a written post in order to be truly understood. Thus, we give it a try today. read more More ››
2015/09/03 at 11:52am
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The following conversation between my good friend Michael McKay and a friend of his illustrates that we all understand and use economic principles every day. In fact we could not function without understanding these basic economic principles. Pat Barron Yes, You Do Understand Economics by Michael McKay The other day I was having coffee with a new friend, a retired businessman who customized luxury cars in California. I mentioned I had recently retired from owning an investment firm and had many years of study of economics, especially Austrian Economics. As so many people I have met before him, he said, More ››
2015/09/03 at 11:50am
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