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Thomson Reuters GFMS, one of the leading consultancy firms regarding precious metals supply and demand data has recently released the GFMS Gold Survey 2014 – Update 2, compiled by their Head of Metals Research & Forecast, the Manager Mining, three Managers Regional Demand, eight Senior Analysts, five Analysts and the Customs Relationship Manager. From the report: Thomson Reuters' supply and demand data are collected and collated by our team of research analysts based in Australia, China, Europe, India and the USA within an extensive field research programme which involves interviewing stakeholders across the supply chain in every market and utilizing the More ››
2015/01/31 at 6:23pm
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I would like to propose an inaugural meeting of the Secret Society of Turd (SST) read more More ››
2015/01/31 at 5:44pm
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The media is looking not for understanding or even facts, but headlines. Sift everything you hear in the news now, especially regarding any people or nation who are running contrary to the Western global powers. More ››
2015/01/31 at 2:23pm
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Gold rebounded Friday but not by enough to sling prices into the black for the week. Still, the yellow metal scored a 7.5% monthly gain, the most for a month since January 2012. Gold for April... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/01/31 at 1:37pm
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Jim Sinclair's Commentary Now this is a serious draw down from an exchange warehouse. BOOM: SGE Withdrawals Week 3, 2015: 71 tonnes!Posted on 30 Jan 2015 by Koos Jansen As I wrote last time on data from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), in week 2 of 2015 withdrawals from the vaults of the SGE (that... The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/01/31 at 1:12pm
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Obama's hypocrisy seems to  know no bounds.  He was for hope and change, openness and transparency, jobs and civil society.   He is a brand, a marketing product of identity politics.  Unfortunately, most of the politicians of both the left and the right are the same.   They are just targeted to different segments of the public.   They say what is required for their marketing More ››
2015/01/31 at 11:52am
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From January to December 2014 the Federal Reserve Bank Of New York (FRBNY) has been drained from 176.81 tonnes of physical gold out of the foreign deposit accounts. A drop from 6,195.60 tonnes to 6,018.79 tonnes over 12 months, FRBNY data published on Friday showed. The FRBNY doesn't disclose how much is withdrawn by which central bank. These numbers do not match the claims made in Europe about gold repatriated from the US. This is bad news. On November 21, 2014, the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), surprised the world by stating they had in utmost secret repatriated 122.5 tonnes More ››
2015/01/31 at 9:44am
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Ronan tweets that FRBNY Dec withdrawals were only 10.31t. As we were expecting 42t, Victor suggests only three options:US gov't tells liesBundesbank tells liesUS gov't loco swapped part of their gold to London so the Bundesbank could get LGDI think a swap is the most likely and as Ronan notes such loco swaps between central banks occur often. The question is whether it was the US or Germany or Netherlands that requested the swap and who else was on the other side of the swap - I'd agree Bank of England is best candidate. A possible rework of the repatriation More ››
2015/01/31 at 8:03am
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"I was a happy camper to see the precious metal price charts" Yesterday In Gold & Silver The gold price gained---and then lost about five bucks between the beginning of Far East on their Friday morning---and the London p.m. fix the following afternoon in London. But once the fix was out of the way, a rally began that didn't end until about an hour before the close of electronic trading. The low and high tick were reported as $1,257.50 and $1,285.40 in the April contract. Gold closed yesterday in New York at $1,283.10 spot, up an even $25 on the day. More ››
2015/01/31 at 4:53am
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We read on Bloomberg that central bankers ought to get together to create a new Plaza Accord, similar to the one that formally devalued the US dollar back in the mid-1980s relative to a number of countries, most notably Japan. Of course, central bank activities are already "coordinated" by the Bank for International Settlements out of Switzerland. The mainstream media doesn't mention this much because under the BIS's watchful eye, central banks act as a kind of cartel – inflating the money ... More ››
2015/01/31 at 1:06am
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 Two versions based on John Henry Newman's famous poem, Lead Kindly Light. "May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then in His mercy may He give us a safe lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last." J. H. Newman More ››
2015/01/30 at 10:41pm
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My buddy Dan Ameduri at Future Money Trends just sent out this great new video. Short and to the point, you need to watch it and then consider linking it out to your contact lists. read more More ››
2015/01/30 at 10:37pm
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