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Top money manager, John Ing recently presented to China his forecast for $2,200 an ounce. Our guest is bullish on gold, in the LT. Bob Hoye notes that during every previous post bubble contraction, the real price of gold has ascended, making the PMs a solid portfolio asset, today. Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Institute ($6 billion in sales) outlines why every investor should diversify their PMs holdings via an offshore account. In 1933, President Roosevelt announced an executive order designed to confiscate gold that included at $10,000 fine. More ››
2017/02/27 at 12:00am
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Sadly, bubbles used to happen only once in a generation. Once those burned by the last bubble have died off, the younger generation has no living memory to prevent them from getting suckered by the next one. But for some reason, our current generation has something of an addiction to bubbles. We've lived through the tech stock bubble, the real estate bubble, and now we're living inside the 'everything' bubble. What's wrong with us? More ››
2017/02/26 at 12:37pm
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Western central banks may be the corrupt and even evil instruments of the financial class, and to preserve their power they may be prepared to do any amount of damage to the world, particularly by destroying markets, the engines of humanity's economic progress. But stupid? Not when central banks have gained and kept control of the world's money and thus control of the valuation of all capital, labor, goods, and services in the world. What's stupid is any society that doesn't rise up against them or at least demand disclosure of their surreptitious operations. More ››
2017/02/26 at 9:47am
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If this theory is correct, at least we will have a true American as president and working on our behalf as opposed to a leader giving up the keys to the kingdom and throwing its people under the bus in the name of “fairness”? The “One World Government,” or “New World Order Types” as they identify themselves, are strongly opposed to the individual liberty movement rearing it's head here there and everywhere. Seemingly, the “people” have thrown a monkey wrench into their plans for a One World Order; here and there and everywhere. Populism to them is like a rapidly More ››
2017/02/26 at 9:45am
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It's a common misconception that miners always lead the metals sector. As you can see in this chart the miners often produce false signals. More ››
2017/02/26 at 9:40am
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The early stages of Gold bull markets (this one included) are characterized by strong outperformance from the miners. They will lead the metals and turning points and register strong outperformance. We saw that in the early 2000s, late 2008 to early 2009 and we have seen it again over the past year. During the recent rebound, the miners rallied back to the “Trump” resistance while Gold is not yet close to doing so. More ››
2017/02/26 at 9:01am
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We saw some volatility come into stocks this past week after the slow solid grin higher we've been enjoying since early November. I do not think this is a top, rather, a little shakeout, or shake and bake. Volatility comes on the upside and downside so we should see some more explosive moves to the upside after this little correction, if you can call it that. The metals continue to show strength even while some miners were flashing weakness mid-week, which had me a bit worried, but gold continues to act great. More ››
2017/02/26 at 2:03am
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When it comes to the latest US stance vis-a-vis China's currency manipulation, the jury is out, and based on two recent statements it is more confused than ever. Religion and politics, are both hot button issues no matter how you slice it, touchy subjects, if you will. Speaking, or writing about them, usually elicits rage,... »The post "In The Name Of Fairness", A Very Touchy Subject… appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2017/02/25 at 10:57pm
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Gold and silver futures advanced for a second straight session Friday, notching fresh 3-1/2 months and extending their streak of weekly wins to four for gold and eight for silver. Gold for April... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2017/02/25 at 12:48pm
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The world hasn't really caught on yet, but OPEC is in serious trouble. Last year, OPEC net oil export revenues collapsed. How bad? Well, how about 65% since the oil price peaked in 2012. To offset falling oil prices and revenues, OPEC nations have resorted to liquidating some of their foreign exchange reserves. The largest […] More ››
2017/02/25 at 2:48am
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Dear Friends, Thank you for all your requests for information concerning the AGM. I have received such a large volume of requests that it would literally take weeks to return all calls. Since many of you share the same or similar interests, it is in the best interests of all of us to set up... »The post Tanzanian Royalty AGM Q&A Online Meeting Invitation appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2017/02/25 at 12:17am
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presidential seal
By: Mises InstitutePresident's Day was this week, and there was no better way to celebrate than making the case for abolishing the position. As Ryan McMaken noted, history has vindicated the fears of the Anti-Federalists that were concerned that the position vested too much power into the hands of a single ambitious politician. This abuse of power looks to continue with the Trump administration, as Sean Spicer announced plans to continue the executive branch's war on federalism. While we are unlikely to see Trump give up his new personal office in the next four years, we could settle for abolishing More ››
2017/02/24 at 11:00pm
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