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September 21, 2017

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Bill Holter's Commentary If you think Russia/China (and the rest of the world) does not know about the gold suppression scheme, you are sorely mistaken! ‘Secret Monetary Policy': Who Manipulates Gold Prices and WhySeptember 20, 2017 While major international events, like nuclear tests carried out by North Korea, affect gold prices and result in a... » The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. moreContinue Reading
September 21, 2017

Jim’s Mailbox

CIGA Ed sent us a very truthful cartoon! Bill The post Jim's Mailbox appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. moreContinue Reading
Gold and silver maintained losses Thursday that first began in after-hours trading Wednesday when the Federal Reserve signaled a December hike in interest rates. Both metals ended at four-week... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] moreContinue Reading
“Love does not make you weak, because it is the source of all strength, but it makes you see the nothingness of the illusory strength on which you depended before you knew it.” Léon Bloy Stocks were a little wobbly today, although the VIX continued to be at quite low levels for this year at least. The economic news is mixed, as usual. The dollar gave a little of yesterday's sharp rally moreContinue Reading
The real CRISIS is the collapse of the $USD. And it's one the Fed doesn't want to stop. Indeed, as soon as stocks begin to correct, the Fed will start walking back all talk of a balance sheet reduction. And if we enter another crisis, the $USD will drop even farther as the Fed cranks up the printing presses with more QE. moreContinue Reading
September 21, 2017

Time To Lay Low

Even though we've tried to warn and prepare, none of that makes the inevitable Spec wash-and-rinse any easier to watch. read more moreContinue Reading
We have not yet witnessed the public mania phase of this bull run. The difference between now and the late '70s, when gold lost half its value before rising 850% in less than 3 years, is that there are now even more legitimate reasons for an extended replay of this scenario. Instead of less than 4% of the investing public then – mostly in North America, plus a few prominent Arabs, we've got just about the entire world on our side! And there is the Chindian Love Trade. Furthermore, we have an indebted global system that cannot pay back moreContinue Reading
GOLD PRICES are trading at its lowest level this Thursday lunchtime since August 28th 2017 after the Federal Open Market Committee put the option of an interest rate hike before the end of the year back on the table, writes Atsuko Whitehouse at BullionVault. Dollar Index, measuring the US currency against a basket of other currencies, surged 0.5% as soon as the announcement was made. The yield on 10-year Treasuries is rose to 2.27 percent, reaching the highest in more than seven weeks on its fifth consecutive advance. The Fed made no change to the 1.25% ceiling on its key interest moreContinue Reading
Gold Price: USD 65,000/oz in 5 years? Is it realistic that the price of gold could reach this level in the foreseeable future? This speech by BullionStar's CEO, Mr. Torgny Persson, was recorded during FreedomFest 2017. FreedomFest is the world's largest gathering for freedom oriented people. BullionStar participated by exhibiting and educating about the monetary system. moreContinue Reading
The low oil price is negatively impacting another OPEC oil exporter as it continues to liquidate its foreign exchange reserves. Algeria, like Saudi Arabia, has seen its international reserves plummet by more than 40% as the oil price fell in half since 2014. Algeria joined OPEC back in 1969 and is currently producing 1.1 million barrels of oil per day (mbd). While Algeria is not one of the larger OPEC members, it still exports roughly 670,000 barrels of oil per day. At $50 a barrel, the country receives $33.5 million a day in oil revenues. moreContinue Reading
Talk is cheap, never moreso than when it comes from the mouths of the charlatans and quacks who run the Federal Reserve. Their latest “plan” is to start selling assets from the Fed's $4.5 trillion balance sheet in October; tightening perhaps 25 basis before 2018; then tightening three more times next year. Translation: We will initially unload whatever crap the traffic will bear, which could be zilch; we will continue to talk the talk as brazenly as possible, pretending that 25 basis points of alleged tightening every now and then constitutes real tightening; and, we will treat the recession moreContinue Reading
A December interest rate hike and more hikes next year is more or less a certainty. This is the first time this year that the Federal Reserve has been very clear on the US economy and the US interest rate cycle. Any reduction on North Korean risk can result in another wave of sell off for gold and silver. The fall is good for a sustained medium term rise in gold and silver. moreContinue Reading