Are We There Yet?

Posted by on February 9th 2010 in Gold, Short Sellers, Silver, Ted Butler | Be the first to comment!

With silver down nearly 20% in three weeks, Ted Butler, noting what he calls “The biggest two-week decline in the commercial net short position that I can recall in probably a couple years,” finds it “quite possible that we saw the bottom already .”

“The metal appears to be bottoming,” according to Przemyslaw Radomski , who nonetheless cautions that “given the relatively high level of correlation between silver and the general stock market, one may want to wait for additional signals before opening a sizable long position in silver.”

And now, look who else is hooking up with the stock market!

Radomski’s article includes a refresher course on the Austrian and Keynesian schools of economics, the latter of which takes a beating at the hands of Americans in a new Rasmussen poll.

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