‘Locked and Loaded’

Posted by on February 21st 2010 in Gold, Short Sellers, Silver, Ted Butler | Be the first to comment!

Ted Butler declares that gold and silver look “locked and loaded to the upside,” and about gold edging lower on news of an IMF sale, he says that “the real lesson there is that no central bank, no government entity, owns any silver, so there will never, ever, be any possibility of official silver sales from any entity, from any place.”

And reacting to a Reuters article headlined “Big traders face ‘landmine’ in CFTC energy rule,” Butler says that “whenever the big guys and the people that they pay are screaming about something that’s going to be disadvantageous to them, believe me, it’s great for everybody else.”

We’ve also posted the transcript of an enlightening talk by Butler, in which he discusses the possibility of a crackdown on metals’ speculators by the CFTC, which appears to be “hiding info exposing market manipulation.”

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