Is Most Positive Economic News Just Hot Air?

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Weighing the comeback prospects for gold and silver, Mineweb‘s Lawrence Williams sees the possibility of “a few more months of fluctuating precious metals prices depending on the flow of positive and negative economic news. But one gets the impression that most of the positive news which comes out these days is so much hot air as politicians and Central Bankers vainly try to convince the world that they are in control – when they are patently not.  That has to be a recipe for gold and silver to return to their strong upwards path.  The only question really is how long they will take to do so and much of that depends on whether national financial and banking collapses can be staved off indefinitely.  One fears not.”

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One Response to “Is Most Positive Economic News Just Hot Air?”

  1. Gold Rate Says:

    It’s interesting today how this news of the EFSF fund basically allows more euro creation. The initial reaction was gold selling off. But it may have been a false break as anyone really paying attention realizes this will eventually lead to more currency debasement. Good time to buy physical gold.