Silver Investment Demand Surges In 2011

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A new report prepared for The Silver Institute by Thomson Reuters GFMS, which looks at the silver investment market, forecasts that world silver investment will reach a record $10 billion in 2011, a 66 percent increase over 2010’s $6 billion amount.  The report also finds that investment in physical silver bullion is dominated by the U.S. and Germany, and that Europe accounts for roughly 20% to 30% of the demand for American Silver Eagle bullion coins.  And while sales of Silver Eagles dipped in October, they are forecast to reach 41 million this year, up from last year’s record of 34 million.

As for China, the report states that “the level of demand is at present relatively modest, given that the bar market is barely two years old,” making it “difficult to gauge the ‘true’ level of demand, and whether, for example, it will eventually resemble the US or German markets, in terms of their retail investment levels.”

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