Room to Grow

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Last week the World Gold Council released research finding that “Gold remains an under-owned asset making up only 1% of global financial assets in private hands.” One reason often cited is the dearth of institutional investment in gold.  But Dow Jones reports that “Gold is on the verge of being re-incorporated into the financial system as large financial institutions boost their allocations of the asset,” according to Shayne McGuire of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, speaking at a recent commodities conference.

McGuire and his retirement fund made big news last April by converting almost $1 billion of paper gold investments into bullion. Read more about McGuire, who laid out the rationale for investing the fund’s money in gold in an interview with the Financial Times, and in an essay published by Newsweek, that was adapted from his book, “Hard Money: Taking Gold to a Higher Investment Level.”

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Happy Thanksgiving! Patrick Heller: “This week, as you count your blessings … be thankful for the benefits you are enjoying from the physical gold and silver that you own.”

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