Which Direction for Gold and Silver?

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Following last Friday’s drop in gold and silver prices with the release of January’s unemployment data — see “John Williams: U.S. unemployment hits 22.5% in alternate estimate” — Tim Iacono asks “Which Way Now For Precious Metals?” Noting that while “some now argue that the metals have come too far, too fast and the Friday correction will continue,” he sees a long-term continuation of two trends that have been driving prices higher:  demand from China and increased gold purchases by central banks.

And citing last week’s Wall St. Journal report that “investors are loading up on gold and silver coins,” Iacono predicts that “you’ll see this trend intensify in the year or two ahead – moderately wealthy Americans seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with physical gold or gold ETFs in light of Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s continuing ‘punishment’ of U.S. savers with super-low interest rates that have now been extended out until the end of 2014.”

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