“Buffett Trashes Gold, But What About Silver?”

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After Warren Buffett reiterated his disdain for gold in a Fortune article last week, a Wall Street Journal commentary cautioned that “the yellow metal has a history of humbling very smart people,” and suggested that Buffet “just might have it wrong when it comes to the oldest haven of all.”

And while everyone who cares knows Buffett’s view of gold, Wall St. Cheat Sheet‘s Eric McWhinnie wonders why Buffett “continues to omit silver from the conversation,” citing as one example his investments in solar energy. “Maybe Buffett is still sour from his past venture into the most conductive metal known to man?”

According to a 2007 Silver Monthly editorial that McWhinnie refers to, from 1997 until 2006, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway “accumulated over 37% of the world’s known silver supply—even more than the COMEX! During that time, he was not only an oracle but also the all-time silver bull…. But the genius of Buffett was called into question as it appeared that he sold way too early; the price of silver has more than doubled from Buffett’s average purchase price of around $6 per ounce. Many–including Buffett himself–felt he sold out too soon.”

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