Silver Will ‘Run Like Crazy’ in ‘Free Market’

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Greg McCoach, who publishes the Mining Speculator newsletter, thinks that gold could hit $2,500 to $3,000 this year “depending on how much QE3 is injected into the system,” but he sees even more of a potential “explosive upside in silver,” laying out his rationale in an interview with The Gold Report:

“When you understand how tight the silver market is right now, and all the game-playing that’s been going on and the monster short position that exists, there’s not enough physical metal in the world to cover this. There’s such a total disconnect in that market that, at some point, when it is allowed to become a free market, I think silver’s going to run like crazy and I see that coming very soon … Silver could easily see $70, $75, even $80/oz if these events occur this year as I expect.”

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