Does Silver Shine Brighter than Gold?

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With silver off 2.2% on Monday, Sean Rakhimov, who publishes the Web site Silver Strategies, acknowledges silver’s “high degree of volatility,” in an interview with The Gold Report, but believes “its fundamentals are far superior to those of gold due both to its industrial usage as well as price. Silver is far cheaper than gold and a lot of investment has been switching over to silver. For instance, Sprott says it sells equal amounts of silver (in dollar terms) to gold, which means in today’s numbers, silver is selling 50 times more in ounces than gold. So, I think silver has far superior fundamentals, and it’s definitely more affordable. It will take on a life of its own, and at some point, outperform gold significantly.”  He also predicts that “with silver, we are probably somewhere midway through the cycle and have another 10 years to go.”

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