Volatility, Inevitability and Buying the Dips

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On a day when gold and silver fell 1.9% and 2.7% respectively, Reuters quoted Marc Faber as saying, “If you can’t live with volatility, stay in bed.” And predicting that “sooner or later, the U.S. or Israel will strike Iran – it’s almost inevitable,” Faber also declares that “You have to be in precious metals and equities… Say war breaks out in the Middle East or anywhere else, Mr Bernanke will just print even more money — they have no option…they haven’t got the money to finance a war.” And a Zero Hedge post, asking is “Silver catching gold’s cold?,” advances the notion that “while we need ‘weakness’ in equities before the next printfest begins, its inevitability suggests buy-the-dip in PMs may be the play once again.”

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