Gold Leading ‘A New Evolution of Money’

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“Don’t think about gold as going back to some historic past, some true money.  Think of gold as being the first mover in a new evolution of money,” says Michael Green, in an interview about his new e-book on gold, adding that “There is a crisis going on in money that is going to run and run and run. So there is a pretty good case for being long on gold.”

Green co-authored “In Gold We Trust?:  The Future of Money in an Age of Uncertainty,” with Matthew Bishop, New York bureau chief for The Economist.  It’s available for $2.99 at Amazon and you can read the first chapter for free. And in an article headlined “Going for Gold in 2012,” Green and Bishop argue that the upcoming presidential election “is likely to provide lots of reasons to be long on gold.” Hear more from Green in a much longer audio interview with The Heartland Institute.

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