A Matter of Minutes

Posted by on April 3rd 2012 in Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, Monetary Policy, Short Sellers, Silver, Wall Street | 1 comment

Following the release of the minutes from March’s FOMC meeting, which showed little interest in additional easing, both gold and silver dropped sharply.  “It can be argued that Tuesday afternoon’s FOMC minutes were not much different than recent statements from Fed Chairman Bernanke,” notes a Kitco report.  “However, the market place took the FOMC statement as taking one more step back from any additional quantitative easing, which had been so bullish for raw commodity markets and so bearish for the U.S. dollar index.”

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One Response to “A Matter of Minutes”

  1. Chris Says:

    The market place (meaning the banks) saw a opportunity to smash down the prices.

    They take every chance they get, let them, there wont be much chances left in a year or two.

    Thanks for the link collection, now I have something to read through this afternoon.