Ted Butler: The Upside of Price Manipulation

Posted by on April 7th 2012 in Bart Chilton, CFTC, Gary Gensler, JPMorgan, Short Sellers, Silver, Ted Butler, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!

Technical analyst Przemyslaw Radomski sees signs of hope for silver in that the situation “has not changed as much as it might appear as declines have been seen. The white metal has likely been forming a double bottom as has been seen many times in the past.”  And Ted Butler, in an interview with Money Morning, offers the bright side of silver price manipulation:

“The manipulation has caused silver to be priced much cheaper than it would be otherwise. That makes it a better buy. The silver manipulation also will end one day, as all manipulations throughout history have ended. Given the nature of these things, the price of silver will be much higher when the manipulation ends. Therefore, the manipulation is giving silver investors a double-barreled bonanza. One, a cheap price to buy at than would otherwise be the case and, two, a much higher price to sell at once the manipulation is ended. That circumstance does not exist in any other investment, to my knowledge.”

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