Metals Analysts Rage Against the Machine(s)

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As gold and silver give back Thursday’s gains, Dan Norcini declares that “hedge fund computers and their damnable algorithms have destroyed the integrity of the US futures markets.”  Pointing to “the extent of the daily price swings” this week in the above chart of the Continuous Commodity Index (CCI), he concludes that “Maybe we all should just go the hell to sleep and wake up in a year and see if the chart has actually gone anywhere besides up and down like a stinking yo-yo.”

And, from a serving at Jesse’s Café Américain:  “To say that these are fairly cynical traders’ markets, rather than anything tied to fundamental valuations, is an understatement.  The trading desks engage in heavy-handed bear raids, smacking the price of bullion and related markets like miners down lower, and then ride them slowly back up to trend.  Wash, rinse, repeat.”

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