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‘Plunge Protection Team’: Everywhere or Nowhere?

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Gold and silver futures ended off 0.5% and 1.8% on Wednesday, with the drop attributed in some quarters to a “firming dollar and subdued inflation,” which an analyst cited by MarketWatch sees as “a normal trading correction.”  And while a post at Jesse’s Café Américain agrees, suggesting that the metals “may have taken a pause at support,” he also finds it “interesting to see them run with stocks today, in the face of some exogenous risk events. They are certainly acting oddly. One has to wonder if this is a related action by the “Plunge Protection Team” which feels free to purchase stocks at key points apparently to help restore confidence.”

David Stockman’s Contra Corner advances the argument that there is a “Plunge Protection Team,” and “It’s called the FOMC.” This as Bloomberg reports that Citigroup analysts “have put a price on how much liquidity central banks need to provide each quarter to stop markets from sliding. By estimating that zero stimulus would be consistent with a 10 percent quarterly drop in equities, they calculate it takes around $200 billion from central banks each quarter to keep markets from selling off.”

Ted Butler has also raised the issue of the “Plunge Protection Team” meddling in the metals, alleging that it gave JPMorgan the greenlight to manipulate the silver market.

Can the EM Crisis be Contained?

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“The Emerging Market (EM) crisis took a turn for the worse,” begins Doug Noland’s latest Credit Bubble Bulletin. “The apt Bloomberg currency market headline read: ‘Contagion spreads in emerging markets as crises grow.’ Note plural ‘crises’ as opposed to a singular EM crisis. This is a pertinent issue. A popular CNBC contributor posited Friday that EM-related market stress was not as troubling because it was related to individual country issues as opposed to what would be more challenging ‘macro’ forces. I would counter that the unfolding global crisis will be particularly problematic because of what has been a dangerous interplay between global ‘macro’ and individual country ‘micro’ Bubble dynamics.”…Read More >>>

Author Sees Monetary ‘Reset’ On Horizon

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Koos Jansen, whose Web site In Gold We Trust is an invaluable resource for information on China’s gold dealings, interviews Willem Middelkoop, described as “the Dutch equivalent of Jim Rickards,” and who is also a co-founder and principal of the Commodity Discovery Fund.

Q:  Your new book is named “The Big Reset,” isn’t our current monetary system sustainable?

 A:  No, we now have arrived at the point where it is not the banks, but the countries themselves that are getting in serious financial trouble. The idea that we can ‘grow our way back’ out of debt is naive. The current solution to ‘park’ debts on to the balance sheets of central banks is just an interim solution. A global debt restructuring will be needed, as economists Rogoff en Reinhart recently explained in their working paper for the IMF. This will include a new global reserve system to replace the current failing dollar system, probably before 2020….Read More >>>

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Hathaway: If You Can’t Hold It, Fold It

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In what is heralded as “a brilliant study of the gold market,” Tocqueville Gold Fund’s John Hathaway looks at the “Big Picture in Gold as We Head into 2014” and concludes with two words of advice, get physical:

“It seems to us that restoration of sustainable fiscal order remains a long shot and that money printing, thought by most to be only an emergency measure, will become the norm. Our negative view on the prospects for fiat currency has not been invalidated by the steep two year decline in gold price. When the market reverses, the diminished physical anchor to paper claims, concerns over title and encumbrances on central bank bullion, and worries over the drift of public policy will drive liquid capital into gold. However, this time around, it seems to us that the major recipient of flows will be the physical metal itself. Holders of paper claims to gold will receive polite and apologetic letters from intermediaries offering to settle in cash at prices well below the physical market. To those who wish to hold their wealth exclusively in paper assets, implicitly trusting the policy elites to resurrect normally functioning capital markets and economic conditions, we say good luck. For those who harbor doubts on such an outcome, we say get physical.”

More from Hathaway in a follow-up interview to his article, in which he reiterates that “We are in a world of permanent money printing, and what may trigger this massive squeeze in gold to new all-time highs is when this all dawns on the investment community at large.”

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Bubble Trouble?

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Spiegel:  “Central banks around the world are pumping trillions into the economy. The goal is to stimulate growth, but their actions are also driving up prices in the real estate and equities markets. The question is no longer whether there will be a crash, but when.”

John Hathaway: Gold ‘Insiders’ Positioning for ‘Historic Short Squeeze’

Posted by on July 3rd 2013 in Bailout, CFTC, China, Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Monetary Policy, Short Sellers, Silver, U.S. Congress, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!

In his 2nd quarter letter to investors, asking “What is happening to gold?,” the Tocqueville Gold Fund’s John Hathaway points out that “commercial CFTC positions have swung sharply away from the short side,” — they’re now “nearly net long” according to the latest COT report — and “Comex warehouse stocks have dwindled precipitously, dropping 32% or nearly 100 metric tonnes since the beginning of 2013.”  Also since the beginning of 2013, “physical gold held by ETF’s such as GLD has dropped by 586 tonnes.”

“Where does the liquidated gold go?,” asks Hathaway. “The final destination is impossible to know, but the first stop is into the accounts of “authorized participants”, aka, bullion dealers such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. There are quite a few dots to connect here, but in our opinion, (and it is admittedly our speculation) an historic short squeeze is looming, and the insiders (bullion dealers) see it coming. By using the paper market to crush the price of gold, they have attempted to shake loose physical gold to reduce their short exposure in order to minimize the damage from what lies ahead.” … Read More >>>

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Does Metals’ Sell Off Signal ‘Final Washout’?

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About what was described as Friday’s “bloodbath” in the gold markets, Jesse’s Café Américain points out that “There was no news to provoke this kind of a massive sell off in a quiet market and on heavy volume,” which saw gold and silver futures drop 4.1% and 4.9% respectively. Quoted by MarketWatch, the Got Gold Report‘s Gene Arensberg fingers Goldman Sachs:  “Give credit where credit is due — to Goldman Sachs, for a masterful sell raid on gold.”

Metals market analyst and whistleblower Andrew Maguire tells King World News that while Friday’s sell off was “in excess of 500 tons of paper gold,” China has “purchased and taken delivery of over 400 tons in less than a month and a half.” He contends that “What we are seeing today is actually a very positive development.  I think we’ve reached a point of capitulation. I cannot see how the central bank buying cannot overwhelm all of these short sales, despite the leverage.” And Dan Norcini gives a qualified agreement, writing that “It is too early to call this as a final washout day but it has the makings of one.”

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Reversal of Fortunes: What Could Turn Metals’ Tide?

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Under the headline “Gold and silver – one step forward, two steps back,” Mineweb‘s Lawrence Williams finds it “hard to reconcile the apparent high demand levels for physical precious metals with declining prices, but at the moment, and as they have been for much of the past two years, prices have been forced down by paper selling.”

“How long can this go on?,” he asks.  “One could say indefinitely but there are indeed underlying forces at work which could well bring this particular house of cards crashing down – notably if a European nation is forced to declare bankruptcy, another major bank collapse or, as some of the gold bulls suggest, that the supply of physical metal, particularly of silver, dries up to such an extent that deliveries cannot be made if demanded.  There is some evidence that this may already be beginning to occur with some banks reportedly refusing to supply holders with requested physical metal.  If this trickle were to become a flood then prices could indeed explode – but for the moment it seems that governments and their central bankers are pretty much in control.”

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Equities Fall With Metals; ‘Clear Disconnect’ Between Paper and Physical

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“Gold futures dropped to the lowest since June, leaving prices on the brink of a bear market, as signs of a slowing U.S. economic growth sparked a drop in equities and commodities,” reports Bloomberg, with silver hitting an eight-month low. “The market is reacting to the U.S. data,” said one trader, “and it seems as if there is no interest to look at gold as a safe-haven asset,” while another predicted that silver prices “may continue to remain under pressure.”

MarketWatch quoted The Real Asset Co.’s Jan Skoyles as pointing out that “There is a clear disconnect between the paper and physical market.”  She added that “those in the paper market look at this on a day-by-day basis and today gold doesn’t look as attractive as other asset classes,” while “Those interested in physical gold continue to buy, but expect the gold price to drop further and so are hanging back until it does so.”

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Metals Drop on ‘Goosed’ Equities, Dollar ‘Strength’

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With “strength in the dollar and a rally in U.S. equities” given as the main reasons for sending gold and silver futures down 1.6% and 2.5% respectively on Tuesday, Dan Norcini writes that “consistent strength in the U.S. dollar is continuing to set the hedge fund algorithms into selling commodities as a general trading strategy. This is the reason for the continued weakness in silver, and in gold.”  He sees the dollar being boosted primarily by “weakness in the euro which has not been able to recover from the blow it received as a result of the Cyprus debacle,” and, “Throw in the fact that we have a U.S. equity market which has been goosed into the stratosphere, compliments of Ben Bernanke and the rest of the doves over at the FOMC, and you have the ingredients for further strength in the dollar as by comparison to the rest of the world, the U.S. economy looks decent.”

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Does Silver Coin Surge Herald Higher Prices?

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Closing its books on March, the U.S. Mint reports that it sold 14,223,000 Silver American Eagles through the first three months of this year.  Peter Cooper points out that this number wasn’t hit until May of last year, and Silver Eagle sales are “running at their highest level ever since records began in 1986. If the price of silver was set by coin sales then it would be at a new all-time high, but the Comex futures pit still rules the price.”  Despite that, he argues that “the explosion of coin buying is a concrete indicator of a silver price surge coming soon, whatever the short-term vagaries of the global financial markets might do to the Comex silver price in the meantime. Coin holders should take heart and keep their bullion.”

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