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Metals Drop on Euro Weakness vs. USD

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In advance of Friday’s jobs report, spot gold and silver fell 0.8% and 0.5% respectively on Thursday, with the drop attributed to the dollar gaining against the euro, which fell 1% as ECB head Mario Draghi spoke at a press conference, in which he said “There was a discussion about QE, it wasn’t neglected.” But USA Gold’s market report points out that “While the dollar firmed intraday, gold did as well, giving a very preliminary indication that a launching of ECB asset purchases may ultimately supplant Fed tapering as the monetary policy story of the year…. the ECB is prepared to contort itself in whatever way deemed necessary to justify such purchases. It is also arguably a testament to the dire nature of Europe’s predicament.”

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Fund Manager Hathaway Sees Implosion of Paper Gold

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In reporting on a keynote speech at London’s Mines & Money conference by John Hathaway, asset manager of the Tocqueville Gold FundMineweb‘s Lawrence Williams writes that “Hathaway’s interpretation of gold’s decline, paints an exceptionally bullish long term picture….The same physical demand that has caused an apparent unwinding of trades in the paper market will therefore drive a ‘new leg in a secular bull market for gold’, with an eventual ‘implosion of credit structures’ in the gold futures markets of London and New York.” Williams has more coverage of the conference, in a separate article headlined, “Bull market or bear market – where does gold stand now?

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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ChiltonCallsItQuitsCFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton announced that he’s leaving the agency at the end of the year.  Or, GATA’s Chris Powell puts it, in an appreciation of Chilton’s efforts to address allegations of manipulation in the gold and silver markets, “Financial interests finally get rid of CFTC’s Chilton.”

“Chilton’s five-year term on the CFTC expired in April and he had said this year that he would like to be reappointed,” writes Powell.  “His announcement today contradicting himself suggests that he has been told that President Obama would not be renominating him, which should be no surprise, given the enormous trouble Chilton has caused for the powerful financial interests that control the U.S. government….His departure from the CFTC will be a great loss….Read more >>>

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‘Quanticipation’ – Metals Weigh Fed Prospects

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Comex gold and silver futures ended down slightly on Monday, but “Quanticipation is back, and gold says the Fed won’t taper QE or change anything else on Wednesday,” according to BullionVault‘s Adrian Ash.  And while he cautions that gold might “dip after the announcement itself … Electronic money printing now looks a permanent fixture.  It’s hard to see the markets being better prepared [for a taper] than they were by September. Yet still the Fed lost its nerve, even after setting the stage for more than six months.”

And noting that in the past two weeks “gold has gained about 6 percent as weak U.S. data and budget battles in Washington looked set to deter the Fed from scaling back asset purchases,” Reuters quotes one asset manager who observes that “What we’re seeing now is a subtle shift in underlying technical and psychological sentiment for this market.”

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Silver Seen ‘Working Through Aggressive Consolidation’

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SilverSeek CEO Peter Spina asks: “So what will re-ignite the silver bull? Will we see $50 again?” He argues that silver’s still in “a long-term secular bull market working through an aggressive consolidation…. Just like with the gold market, the current prices are working through these negative market factors which could continue for many months. The reversal will come once fear has exhausted itself and fundamentals re-exert themselves.” Spina concludes that “silver investors who can take advantage of the price decline in silver will be rewarded in the years ahead as we retest former record highs.”

And in an “Ask the Expert” interview with Sprott Money News, James Turk fingers the U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund as the “higher authority” that the CFTC bowed to in dropping its five-year investigation into silver market manipulation, which Ted Butler predicts could end sooner than later.

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Ted Butler: CFTC Avoided ‘Key Issue’ in Silver Probe Statement

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As the CFTC closing its investigation into silver market manipulation without filing charges is “met with howls of protest by gold and silver bugs,” Ted Butler joins the fray:  “Undoubtedly, to those (like me) that are convinced that silver has been and is manipulated in price, the announcement doesn’t seem to offer any substantive evidence that silver wasn’t manipulated; just an affirmation that the investigation was thorough.”

“The announcement touched on many issues, but not the key issue,” writes Butler, “namely; how a 30% net market share by JPMorgan wouldn’t be manipulative to the price. Such a large percentage of market share had always been prosecuted by the CFTC in the past for being a market corner and manipulation. Rather than answer that simple question, the Commission initiated an expensive taxpayer-funded investigation designed to avoid answering the real question.”

And in an interview with King World News, GATA’s Chris Powell suggests that the CFTC’s hands were tied:  “the CFTC’s conclusion today that it cannot act regarding silver market rigging in no way discredits complaints of silver market manipulation.  This, in all likelihood, means that the CFTC already knew or has recently discovered that the market rigging is being conducted by the U.S. government.  As such it is exempt from ordinary securities law.”

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Metals Drop Despite No New News from Bernanke

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Although Fed Chairman Bernanke’s House testimony on Wednesday was seen as having “A dovish tilt towards easier money,” with statements such as, “If we were to tighten policy, the economy would tank,” the above charts show that stocks and metals headed south after Bernanke began his Q&A with lawmakers.

“The markets saw Bernanke as more hawkish in the Q&A session of his testimony,” according to a portfolio manager quoted by MarketWatch, but a Reuters article attributes the selloff to Bernanke simply reiterating that the Fed would likely begin tapering later this year, sending gold & silver futures down 1% & 2.6% for the day.

MarketWatch also quoted the Real Asset Co.’s Jan Skoyles as saying that while markets may be preparing for tapering, “given the fact that QE is still on-going and the euro-zone crisis is still making a lot of noise, I fail to see how anyone can think that Bernanke knows how to fix this and how to predict the future.”

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CBS News:  ACLU warns of mass tracking through license plate scanners/Report

Citi: Major Upswing Off Bottom for Silver and Gold

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According to a new report from Citigroup, “Gold and silver appear to be in the process of finding a bottom; however, the price action could continue to be choppy in the coming weeks. Ultimately we expect both precious metals to move much higher in the long term with the potential for silver to be the outperformer, as was the case from 2008 to 2011.”

It goes on to predict that gold “will form the base for a new leg higher,” which can take it “to our target of $3,400 – $3,500 by 2016,” and “as with gold, our bias is that silver is in the process of bottoming before a more aggressive move higher, such as that seen after the correction in 2008. That suggests a move in silver to over $100 by 2016.”

Earlier this week, Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick previewed the report in an interview with King World News.

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On Any Given Data

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With examples of what it describes as “Bizarro headline ‘explanation’,” Zero Hedge illustrates how news outlets misinterpret and/or distort economic data to the benefit of stocks and the detriment of gold.  On Wednesday, the U.S. Commerce Department cut its estimate for Q1 GDP growth from 2.4% to 1.8%.  After which, according to one MarketWatch article, “U.S. stocks jumped … as a revision in economic growth calmed concern about U.S. monetary policy,” but MarketWatch also reported that “Gold futures dropped sharply … on growing expectations the U.S. Federal Reserve will slow the pace of economic stimulus later this year.”

And at Bloomberg, “U.S. stocks rose … as China’s cash crunch eased and slower-than-forecast economic growth fueled speculation the Federal Reserve will maintain stimulus,” but in another article, “Gold plunged to a 34-month low” on Wednesday “as improving U.S. economic data strengthened the case for the Federal Reserve to reduce stimulus.”

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GATA:  Patrick Heller – Gold rig reaches the desperation stage; Fund manager on CNBC:  Gold market rigging ‘wouldn’t surprise me a bit’

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Metals Snap Back; ‘No News’ Is Good News

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“Gold and silver prices gained nearly three percent on Monday,” reports Reuters, but that followed “a roller-coaster session that opened with a gut-wrenching dive in silver prices to their lowest in 2-1/2 years before an abrupt midday turnaround.”

Describing the silver slide as a “flash crash,” Zero Hedge also points out that “Gold has retested $1400 and Silver $23 on no news… so it seems the demand for ‘cheaper’ precious metals was enough to warrant a 4.6% rally off overnight lows in gold and 12.5% in silver amid heavy volume in futures markets.”

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GATA: Barron’s gets suspicious about gold market manipulation; At least India’s government is candid about waging war against gold

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JPMorgan’s Master(s) of the Universe in Hot Seat

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Gold and silver ended mixed on Friday, with the former flat and the latter gaining 1% after a better-than-expected non-farm payrolls report showed that the U.S. added 165,000 jobs in April.  But one job that might be in jeopardy is that of Blythe Masters, JPMorgan Chase’s head of global commodities, and a bête noire of retail silver investors.

When JPMorgan took over Bear Stearns in 2008, it famously inherited a slew of silver shorts.  It also inherited from Bear Stearns the rights to sell electricity from power plants in California and Michigan.  And according to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) document leaked to the New York Times, “Government investigators have found that JPMorgan Chase devised ‘manipulative schemes’ that transformed ‘money-losing power plants into powerful profit centers,’ and that one of its most senior executives [Masters] gave ‘false and misleading statements’ under oath.”

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Bloomberg: Justice Department official:  U.S. prosecutors pursuing Libor convictions

Business Insider/MSN Money:  Regulators blame Libor fixing on the sex, drugs, and lavish perks of London banking; Earlier:  Did coked-up bankers cause the financial crisis?

Down Day, Up Week for Metals; What’s Next?

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Gold and silver ended the week up 4.7% and 3.1% respectively, despite falling on Friday by 0.6% and 1.7%. The reasons given for Friday’s drop included profit-taking and a large “margin call,” after the metals had initially advanced on a weaker than expected first-quarter GDP increase of 2.5%, leading to the characterization of the U.S. economy as “incredibly stagnant.”

Reuters quotes a Société Générale analyst who thinks the GDP shortfall “is encouraging for gold because the whole sell-off in the metal was linked to perceptions that the U.S. economy was getting stronger and stronger.” And asking “So what’s next?,” Jesse’s Café Américain sees no halt to QE “for the forseeable future,” and goes on to point out that “Gold and silver are lightly owned. When they break out and the common person becomes more aware of what is going on, there will be a huge shift in buying to the upside. And those who manage the markets fear this.  They not only fear their loss of control, but also the exposure of their market antics and the widespread corruption in the system.  We are in a credibility trap, after all.”

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Bloomberg: Gold buyers throng Indian stores for second week on rally; Japanese seek refuge in bullion as yen slumps, inflation looms

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SafeHaven/Globe & MailBetter “safe haven” – Switzerland or Canada?; Some like their money in Swiss banks, but Swiss keep their gold in Canada

GATA:  Swiss banking chief tries to quell clamor about gold; Ohmigod! A gold mining company notes suspicions of market manipulation

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