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Thanksgiving: Metals Over October After Down Day, Week, Month

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Gold futures were off 2.3% on Friday and silver doubled that decline, with both hitting four-year lows on the day and having their worst week since April 2013.  “Japan basically pushed gold over the edge as it triggered a major risk-on move,” according to a Saxo Bank commodity strategist, citing Japanese stimulus, the Fed ending QE and dollar strength as being “more than the market could cope with this week.”

“The main reason for gold’s fall is the strength in the dollar after the BOJ’s desperate efforts to weaken the yen,” said the head of one asset management firm, and while predicting that “Gold could fall further in the short term as the dollar could rise,” he also thinks “gold should eventually benefit as a hedge against the uncertainties and economic turmoil brought by central-bank actions.”

While in the realm of the coins, Silver Eagles had their best month of the year in October, and with sales of some 38 million this year, they’re only about one million behind the pace of 2013’s record-setting year.

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Wait a Minute(s): ‘Dovish’ Fed Seen in No Hurry to Raise Rates

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Gold and silver gained before and after Wednesday’s release of the minutes from June’s FOMC meeting, which warned that “market participants were not factoring in sufficient uncertainty about the path of the economy and monetary policy.” The Fed also delivered what was described as a “dovish message” on interest rates, with FOMC members said to be “clearly in a position where at least right now, they’re inclined to let this thing run a little further, to take out some insurance. Given how long we have under performed, if you’re the Fed and you view things the way they do, what’s the harm in going a little further?”

But according to a contributor at The Street, who describes Wednesday’s stock market gains as a “dead cat bounce,” the Fed is also “between a rock and a hard place. It has said that it will end the bond purchasing by October. If it withdraws the easing by stopping the money printing, the Fed will puncture the asset bubbles. If it keeps printing, inflation will gather strength. As weak data over the rest of the year come in, the Fed will realize it has tapered into weakness. This will cause it to launch new money printing, or QE4, in 2015.  The big winner in terms of asset class will be the precious metals [and] energy.”

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Metals Hold Gains; Weak Dollar, Geopolitical Strife Support Gold

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Despite big gains in stocks, gold and silver “held their rally” on Tuesday, as futures again inched up with gold’s support seen coming from a declining dollar — “The dollar weakness is helping gold stay supported at the current levels” — and geopolitical tension — “Gold is being supported by Iraq and now Ukraine.” Concerning Monday’s rally, Dan Norcini cites the latest number from the GLD holdings showing “a nice influx of some 5.05 tons of gold since the last updated number,” which he describes as “a nice ‘positive’ strike three. I mean by that, you had the gold price moving higher yesterday, the mining shares moving higher and the GLD showing an increase of 5 tons. That is exactly what one wants to see if they are a gold bull. That, plus the fact that the U.S. dollar index fell below 80 on its chart.”

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Metals React Positively to ECB Going Negative

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LessThanZeroGold and silver futures gained 0.7% and 1.6% respectively on Thursday, after the the ECB cut interest rates from 0.25% to 0.15%, and dropped the rate on  overnight deposits to negative 0.1%, which was described as an “historic step” that “signals strange economic times.” But the moves were also seen as a “disappointment” for not going far enough, with the euro rebounding to hit a ten-day high. And according to a Bloomberg report, the ECB’s action “probably won’t quell calls for more radical measures such as quantitative easing to stop the euro area from sliding into deflation.”

And while gold’s gains were said to be “coming mainly from short covering and not from a huge throng of eager new buyers,” it was also suggested that gold and silver “took a hit the past couple of days after option expiration to dampen any rally possibilities over what should surely be a big positive for the precious metals.” Gold Newsletter‘ editor Brien Lunden agrees, telling MarketWatch that “since gold responds over time to increases in the supply of fiat currency…. Increasing amounts of euros, as well as dollars, yen and other currencies, will raise the relative value of ‘things’ — and especially gold.”

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Indian ‘Taper’ Would Be a Gold-Friendly One

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Gold and silver futures settled up, but by less than $1 on Monday, with gold seen supported by a dollar dip and the prospect that India’s newly elected government will relax import restrictions. “There is a lot of optimism that India will slash the tariff rate. People expect India’s demand to rise in the second half of the year,” according to one broker quoted by Bloomberg.  While an Indian economist says that “It’s not the burning issue right now,” but it is “one of the items on their to-do list. The currency is strengthening and capital inflows being in a good position, it allows the government to taper it off in a pretty orderly manner. At least symbolically they should start doing it.”

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The Fix Is In—Court

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During a 40-minute hearing in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday, “lawyers for more than 20 plaintiffs … gathered to coordinate their linked lawsuits against the five banks that make up what is known as the London gold fix,” reports the New York Times. “The lawsuits — and there are still more being filed — center on two main aspects of the gold fix: the fact that it is unregulated and that member banks can trade gold, and gold derivatives, during the call,” which is held twice a day.  The afternoon fix call, at around 3 p.m. London time, has drawn the most scrutiny.

The Tocqueville Gold Fund’s John Hathaway holds out hope that the legal proceedings “will finally demystify the inner workings of the London gold market.  Ukraine is obviously the headline grabber right now and for good reason, but, to me, one of the key longer term catalysts for gold is to shed daylight on the connection between the physical market and the synthetic market for gold.” The five banks being sued are Barclays, SocGen, ScotiaBank, HSBC and Deutsche Bank, which last week announced that it was giving up its gold and silver fix seats without finding a buyer.

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Metals Drop on Euro Weakness vs. USD

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In advance of Friday’s jobs report, spot gold and silver fell 0.8% and 0.5% respectively on Thursday, with the drop attributed to the dollar gaining against the euro, which fell 1% as ECB head Mario Draghi spoke at a press conference, in which he said “There was a discussion about QE, it wasn’t neglected.” But USA Gold’s market report points out that “While the dollar firmed intraday, gold did as well, giving a very preliminary indication that a launching of ECB asset purchases may ultimately supplant Fed tapering as the monetary policy story of the year…. the ECB is prepared to contort itself in whatever way deemed necessary to justify such purchases. It is also arguably a testament to the dire nature of Europe’s predicament.”

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Fund Manager Hathaway Sees Implosion of Paper Gold

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In reporting on a keynote speech at London’s Mines & Money conference by John Hathaway, asset manager of the Tocqueville Gold FundMineweb‘s Lawrence Williams writes that “Hathaway’s interpretation of gold’s decline, paints an exceptionally bullish long term picture….The same physical demand that has caused an apparent unwinding of trades in the paper market will therefore drive a ‘new leg in a secular bull market for gold’, with an eventual ‘implosion of credit structures’ in the gold futures markets of London and New York.” Williams has more coverage of the conference, in a separate article headlined, “Bull market or bear market – where does gold stand now?

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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ChiltonCallsItQuitsCFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton announced that he’s leaving the agency at the end of the year.  Or, GATA’s Chris Powell puts it, in an appreciation of Chilton’s efforts to address allegations of manipulation in the gold and silver markets, “Financial interests finally get rid of CFTC’s Chilton.”

“Chilton’s five-year term on the CFTC expired in April and he had said this year that he would like to be reappointed,” writes Powell.  “His announcement today contradicting himself suggests that he has been told that President Obama would not be renominating him, which should be no surprise, given the enormous trouble Chilton has caused for the powerful financial interests that control the U.S. government….His departure from the CFTC will be a great loss….Read more >>>

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‘Quanticipation’ – Metals Weigh Fed Prospects

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Comex gold and silver futures ended down slightly on Monday, but “Quanticipation is back, and gold says the Fed won’t taper QE or change anything else on Wednesday,” according to BullionVault‘s Adrian Ash.  And while he cautions that gold might “dip after the announcement itself … Electronic money printing now looks a permanent fixture.  It’s hard to see the markets being better prepared [for a taper] than they were by September. Yet still the Fed lost its nerve, even after setting the stage for more than six months.”

And noting that in the past two weeks “gold has gained about 6 percent as weak U.S. data and budget battles in Washington looked set to deter the Fed from scaling back asset purchases,” Reuters quotes one asset manager who observes that “What we’re seeing now is a subtle shift in underlying technical and psychological sentiment for this market.”

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Silver Seen ‘Working Through Aggressive Consolidation’

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SilverSeek CEO Peter Spina asks: “So what will re-ignite the silver bull? Will we see $50 again?” He argues that silver’s still in “a long-term secular bull market working through an aggressive consolidation…. Just like with the gold market, the current prices are working through these negative market factors which could continue for many months. The reversal will come once fear has exhausted itself and fundamentals re-exert themselves.” Spina concludes that “silver investors who can take advantage of the price decline in silver will be rewarded in the years ahead as we retest former record highs.”

And in an “Ask the Expert” interview with Sprott Money News, James Turk fingers the U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund as the “higher authority” that the CFTC bowed to in dropping its five-year investigation into silver market manipulation, which Ted Butler predicts could end sooner than later.

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Ted Butler: CFTC Avoided ‘Key Issue’ in Silver Probe Statement

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As the CFTC closing its investigation into silver market manipulation without filing charges is “met with howls of protest by gold and silver bugs,” Ted Butler joins the fray:  “Undoubtedly, to those (like me) that are convinced that silver has been and is manipulated in price, the announcement doesn’t seem to offer any substantive evidence that silver wasn’t manipulated; just an affirmation that the investigation was thorough.”

“The announcement touched on many issues, but not the key issue,” writes Butler, “namely; how a 30% net market share by JPMorgan wouldn’t be manipulative to the price. Such a large percentage of market share had always been prosecuted by the CFTC in the past for being a market corner and manipulation. Rather than answer that simple question, the Commission initiated an expensive taxpayer-funded investigation designed to avoid answering the real question.”

And in an interview with King World News, GATA’s Chris Powell suggests that the CFTC’s hands were tied:  “the CFTC’s conclusion today that it cannot act regarding silver market rigging in no way discredits complaints of silver market manipulation.  This, in all likelihood, means that the CFTC already knew or has recently discovered that the market rigging is being conducted by the U.S. government.  As such it is exempt from ordinary securities law.”

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