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Jobs # Comes Up Short for Short-Sellers

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Gold and silver were said to have come “roaring off their oversold conditions” after Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report showed that 192,000 jobs were created in March.  Silver futures added 0.7% and gold futures jumped 1.5%, the biggest gain in three weeks, while stocks had what was described as a “brutal finale” to the week. “Everyone had been saying the job number was going to be so much better, but the economy didn’t improve the way investors had expected, and that’s why the short-sellers are covering their positions,” according to BullionVault‘s Miguel Perez-Santalla.  Gold and silver ended up a little less than 1% on the week, with gold closing at $1,303 an ounce and silver at $19.95.  With copper down 0.6% on the week, one analyst tells MarketWatch that “Falling copper prices are preventing the big rise in silver. We prefer to use caution for silver unless there is a convincing break of $20.45.”

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Author Sees Monetary ‘Reset’ On Horizon

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Koos Jansen, whose Web site In Gold We Trust is an invaluable resource for information on China’s gold dealings, interviews Willem Middelkoop, described as “the Dutch equivalent of Jim Rickards,” and who is also a co-founder and principal of the Commodity Discovery Fund.

Q:  Your new book is named “The Big Reset,” isn’t our current monetary system sustainable?

 A:  No, we now have arrived at the point where it is not the banks, but the countries themselves that are getting in serious financial trouble. The idea that we can ‘grow our way back’ out of debt is naive. The current solution to ‘park’ debts on to the balance sheets of central banks is just an interim solution. A global debt restructuring will be needed, as economists Rogoff en Reinhart recently explained in their working paper for the IMF. This will include a new global reserve system to replace the current failing dollar system, probably before 2020….Read More >>>

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Chinese Gold Buyers Not Horsing Around

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With 2014 being the Year of the Horse, Mineweb reports that gold’s price drop has resulted in Chinese “demand galloping to new heights before the start of the Lunar New Year on January 31.”  It cites a Chinese media report that “gold sales had surpassed 10 million yuan ($1.7 million) an hour, after Cai Bai jewelers in Beijing opened to a scintillating start on January 1, setting a new record.”  And that was preceded by another retail gold rush on December 25th, as Christmas day in the West has become “Consumer Day” in China.
This as the Shanghai Daily reports an analyst’s prediction that China may soon announce that its official gold reserve has more than doubled from 1,054 tons to 2,710 tons.  Last summer Jim Rickards predicted that China will announce a gold reserve of 5,000 tonnes in April of this year.
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Hathaway: If You Can’t Hold It, Fold It

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In what is heralded as “a brilliant study of the gold market,” Tocqueville Gold Fund’s John Hathaway looks at the “Big Picture in Gold as We Head into 2014″ and concludes with two words of advice, get physical:

“It seems to us that restoration of sustainable fiscal order remains a long shot and that money printing, thought by most to be only an emergency measure, will become the norm. Our negative view on the prospects for fiat currency has not been invalidated by the steep two year decline in gold price. When the market reverses, the diminished physical anchor to paper claims, concerns over title and encumbrances on central bank bullion, and worries over the drift of public policy will drive liquid capital into gold. However, this time around, it seems to us that the major recipient of flows will be the physical metal itself. Holders of paper claims to gold will receive polite and apologetic letters from intermediaries offering to settle in cash at prices well below the physical market. To those who wish to hold their wealth exclusively in paper assets, implicitly trusting the policy elites to resurrect normally functioning capital markets and economic conditions, we say good luck. For those who harbor doubts on such an outcome, we say get physical.”

More from Hathaway in a follow-up interview to his article, in which he reiterates that “We are in a world of permanent money printing, and what may trigger this massive squeeze in gold to new all-time highs is when this all dawns on the investment community at large.”

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Bubble Trouble?

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Spiegel:  “Central banks around the world are pumping trillions into the economy. The goal is to stimulate growth, but their actions are also driving up prices in the real estate and equities markets. The question is no longer whether there will be a crash, but when.”

North Korea Reportedly Selling Gold to China

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Following up on South Korean news reports that North Korea has begun to sell “large amounts” of gold to China to deal with a worsening economic crisis, and has uncharacteristically tapped into its reserves for the sales, Mineweb‘s Lawrence Williams points out that “this could be another indicator This photo released by North Korea's KCNA news agency in Pyongyang on October 1, 2010 shows gold commemorative coins issued to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea.       REUTERS/KCNA (NORTH KOREA - Tags: POLITICS) NO THIRD PARTY SALES. NOT FOR USE BY REUTERS THIRD PARTY DISTRIBUTORS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTSthat China is building reserves without reporting this to the IMF.”  As of 2007, North Korea, which doesn’t report its gold holdings to the IMF, was thought to have reserves of around 2,000 tonnes, which would definitely place it in the top ten of officially reported holdings.

A MarketWatch blog post on the reports notes that while North Korea “has vast mineral deposits and is estimated to have sizeable gold reserves…. it lacks electricity and equipment to mine the minerals, said Choi Kyung-soo, president of North Korea Resources InstituteNorthKoreanSilver in Seoul, in a research paper published last year.” See an article summarizing the paper here.

In March of this year, it was reported that Jim Rogers was snapping up gold and silver coins from North Korea.

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Gold Takes One-Way Trip East

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Following up on its report that “China could match U.S. gold reserves inside 10 years – or earlier,” Mineweb deploys the above graph to illustrate “gold’s inexorable move east.”  It shows the percentage change in investment demand between the first three quarters of 2012 and 2013, and comes from the World Gold Council’s Q3 Demand Trends that was released on Thursday.  And in another article based on the WGC’s release, Reuters reports that “China is this year set to usurp India as the world’s biggest gold consumer by a convincing margin as strict import rules introduced by New Delhi bite.”

And detailing the boom in Asian vaults, the Sprott Group’s David Franklin writes that the new facilities “further reflect the enormous increase in the physical precious metals trade and a requirement for secure storage. With these new vaults located in Asia (or now owned by Asians) it would appear the massive amounts of gold being shipped East will not see the inside of a London or Swiss vault ever again.”

Metals Seen Gaining on ‘Currency Wars’ Relaunch

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Following up on a Bloomberg report that “The global currency wars are heating up again as central banks embark on a new round of easing to combat a slowdown in growth,” Zero Hedge calls the account mostly accurate with the exception of “one fundamental flaw: currency wars never left, but were merely put on hiatus as the liquidity tsunami resulting from the Bank of Japan’s mega easing lifted all boats for a few months.” And as “global trade continues to contract despite the ongoing surge in global liquidity, central banks are back to doing the one thing they can – printing more.”

The Zero Hedge post asks:  “So what should one watch for now that even the mainstream media admits the currency wars are ‘back’? Goldman lists the 5 key areas to watch as central banks resume beggar thy neighbor policies with never before seen vigor.”  Those 5 include, “an argument that competitive devaluations could boost precious metals. That view is based on the simplification that gold, for example, is a ‘homeless’ currency without a central bank that tries to block its appreciation. Another way of saying the same is that many asset prices may rise in response to continued and competitive monetary easing, which is a key feature of such a non-collaborative exchange rate mechanism.”

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Gold Hurt by ‘Blindness to Downside Circumstances’

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MarketBlindness2The prospect of a debt-ceiling deal sent the Dow soaring more than 300 points on Thursday, while Comex gold and silver fell 1.3% and 0.8% respectively.

“Gold continues its interesting unfavorability as the metal crossed [below] $1,300 again,” and it’s “paying a costly price for a current blindness to downside circumstances that hide in the distance,” according to an investment advisor quoted by MarketWatch.  He added that “Surging markets still hold the limelight, with inflation and geopolitical unrest an afterthought.”

The article also quotes an observation by Sharps Pixley’s Ross Norman, that gold’s “bearish tone continues to predominate despite some fairly epic concerns over the U.S. economy and possible contagion into the global markets.” Norman elaborates in a commentary for Futures magazine, “Gold struggles in Frankenstein economy.”

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Precious Metals ‘Ablaze’; Gold Shorts ‘Feeling Heat’

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With silver & gold gaining 3.1% & 1.8% respectively on Friday, one commentator tells MarketWatch that “Gold is trading off tapering expectations, and basically we’re seeing the new home sales miss imply tapering will be delayed,” adding that “There are still a huge number of shorts in gold that need to cover, and this will make them nervous.”

And Zero Hedge concurs, suggesting that “the still-unprecedented short-interest in Comex gold futures may well be feeling more heat here….  It seems the crossing of the Maginot 100-day moving average combined with Jackson Hole chatter and the dismal new home sales data has set the precious metals ablaze once again. For the first time since early June, gold has crossed the psychological $1,400 level (up 18.5% from its 6/18 lows).”

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Gold Curbs Rev Up Indian Silver Market

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As an Indian company offers custom built motorcycles covered in silver, that carry a price tag of five million rupees ($81,169) or 10 million, depending on the brand, Mineweb reports that “India’s import duty curbs on gold and the ongoing lull in the precious metal’s demand has got investors veering towards silver. At 857 metric tonnes between April to July this year, silver imports have posted a staggering 258.65% growth, as compared to 239 metric tonnes imported in the corresponding four months of the last year. Silver imports in July, coming in at 274.92 metric tonnes, have been termed the highest in the last five years.”

It quotes one trader as saying that “Given the wide scale restrictions on gold, and with investors seeking bullion, we have decided to import more silver. The current gold prices are too high and there is too much confusion about the import curbs on gold. We have decided to stick to silver till things normalise in the Indian market.” Earlier:  India unleashes ‘staggering’ silver demand

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Bernanke Back Talking Down Gold; Papers Over Virtues

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Although Ron Paul is gone, Fed Chairman Bernanke “was forced to answer questions about gold on Thursday again,” reports Forbes‘ Agustino Fontevecchia:  “‘No one really understands gold prices,’ Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee, adding he doesn’t portend to either…. Bernanke had more things to say about the yellow metal.  Calling it ‘an unusual asset,’ the Fed Chairman noted people hold gold both as ‘disaster insurance‘ and as an inflation hedge.  He expressed surprise about the later, noting ‘movements in gold’ don’t predict inflation well.  Bernanke took solace in the marked decline in gold prices, though, suggesting they could reflect diminishing concerns over really bad outcomes.”

“Or, even simpler,” as Zero Hedge puts it, “gold may be lower on more paper gold sellers than paper buyers.”

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