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‘Dark Side’ Seen as Bright Spot for Silver Prices

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“There is an insidious Dark Side to the silver mining industry that goes unnoticed by the majority of investors and analysts,” according to the SRSrocco Report‘s Steve St. Angelo.  Based on his figures for 2013, the top six primary silver miners “suffered the lowest average silver yield ever.”  And going forward, he sees it becoming more expensive to produce silver “as ore grades continue to decline while costs of energy, materials and labor increase. For those analysts who believe the price of silver is heading lower in the future… the falling yields and increased costs will prove otherwise.”

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Paper Gains Slow; Bullion Sales Grow

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Gold and silver futures added a fraction of a percent on Wednesday, with gold benefiting from “some mild short covering and bargain hunting,” according to one analyst cited by Coin News, which also reports “another day of wide bullion gains,” based on numbers from the U.S. Mint, “adding to already strong figures with sales so far this week at 13,500 ounces in gold coins and 1,122,000 ounces in silver coins. Those top last week sales of 9,000 ounces in gold coins and 1,050,500 ounces in silver coins.”

Dan Norcini sees gold “being batted back and forth between two opposing forces at the moment. The negative force continues to be the slowing Chinese economy with traders fearing a slackening of demand from that key consumer. The positive is escalating tensions in the eastern part of Ukraine.” Bloomberg quotes one commodities broker as saying that “As long as there’s uncertainty in Russia, having some exposure to gold makes sense. With the selloff yesterday, it seems like cheaper insurance today.”

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Fundamentally Golden

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With gold and silver futures falling a fraction of a percent on Monday in what was described as “quiet trade,” Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson turns up the volume in laying out “The screaming fundamentals for owning gold.”  He concludes that “gold is one investment that you can park for the next ten or twenty years, confident that it will perform well …The punch line is this: Gold (and silver) is not in bubble territory, and its largest gains remain yet to be realized; especially if current monetary, fiscal, and fundamental supply-and-demand trends remain in play.” In January, Martenson was profiled on the PBS NewsHour, in a segment titled, “Sounding an alarm on economic dysfunction by practicing sustainable living.”

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Gold: 6 Weeks vs. 6 Years

Posted by on March 28th 2014 in China, Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, India, Monetary Policy, Russia, Short Sellers, Silver, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!


With gold and silver both off a fraction of a percent on Thursday, and gold closing below $1,300 for the first time in six weeks, MarketWatch reports that gold’s drop was attributed to modest GDP growth and expectations that U.S. interest rates could rise sooner than expected, according to Sprott’s Charles Oliver.  But he’s also quoted as speculating that gold “could reach $5,000 during this decade as deficits and rising debts, exacerbated by demographic issues, are here to stay — and money printing and higher gold demand along with them.”

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MarketWatch: ‘How Gold has Stomped the Competition’

Posted by on March 22nd 2014 in CFTC, China, Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, Goldman Sachs, India, Janet Yellen, JPMorgan, Monetary Policy, Russia, Short Sellers, Silver, Ted Butler, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!


“After a 28% price plunge in 2013, the worst since at least 1984, analysts weren’t expecting much from gold this year,” begins MarketWatch’s annotated slideshow on how “Gold is beating nearly every investment this year…. Many big banks were forecasting average 2014 prices below $1,300 an ounce, down from last year’s average of $1,413. But the precious metal has already managed to outperform U.S. stocks, bonds, emerging markets and the dollar.

Gold benefitted as two important sources of demand bought at the same time: Western speculators and Eastern savers, said Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter…. The metal’s performance has been impressive against a bevy of assets. But its path is far from set. Developments between Ukraine, Russia and the West are still fluid, and hints from Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen that a U.S. interest-rate hike could take place sooner rather than later could make bond yields more attractive. Still, if you were one of those contrarians who were quietly bullish in January, we’ll forgive some back-patting. In seven charts, here’s a look at how gold has stomped the competition and what could come next.” ….Read More >>>  

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Yellen, Fed Rattle Markets

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The Federal Reserve’s FOMC said in a statement on Wednesday that it will continue to taper its bond-buying program, and Fed Chair Janet Yellen suggested in a press conference that interest rates could begin rising six months after the bond buying ends later this year. Silver and gold ended down about 1% and 2% respectively, stocks tanked and the dollar surged.  Gold was off about 1.3% in the regular Comex session, and dropped an additional 0.7% following the announcement to reach $1.328 in after-hours trading .

One analyst told MarketWatch that gold “appears to have put in a near term high at $1,392 last week and may be vulnerable to a re-test of $1,300.  In the bigger picture, to the extent that the U.S. economy may stumble and/or stocks correct, gold should be the more favorable asset.” And USA Gold notes that “What remains to be seen is if QE3 does indeed get fully wound down this year. If the next — and overdue — recession strikes first, I’d guess not. This may well prove to be the best buying opportunity in the gold market so far this year.”

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Metals Lifted By Dollar Drop, Crimea Vote

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Gold and silver gained 1% and 1.3% respectively on Thursday, after the ECB left interest rates unchanged, sending the euro to its highest level this year against the dollar, and the Crimean Parliament voted to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, scheduling a referendum for March 16th. “Dip buying has continued to occur in gold with the situation in Ukraine keeping bears nervous,” writes Dan Norcini, “but in my mind, the big driver has been the weakness in the dollar and the continued move higher across certain key commodity markets.”

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Metals Cool With Ukraine Tensions

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Silver and gold futures retreated about 1% on Tuesday as Russian President Putin was seen cooling tensions over Ukraine, saying at a press conference that using military force would be “absolutely the last resort.”  But Reuters reports that “Economic uncertainty related to worries over Ukraine, however, should underpin gold prices, analysts said,” quoting one commodities broker arguing that “equities look incredibly vulnerable for a pullback. All you need is an issue like Ukraine that will lead to global concerns about the economy.  I expect a lot of investor interest in gold.”

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Metals Gain; Gold Boosted by ‘Flight to Safety’

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“It seems as if the confidence in gold as a safe-haven asset is returning,” said one asset manager quoted by Bloomberg, after gold and silver futures gained 2.2% and 1.1% respectively on Monday.  He added that “Geopolitical concerns and worries about a slowdown in the U.S. and other parts of the world are pushing people to gold.” And according to a post at Jesse’s Café Américain, “Gold popped very hard today on what is undeniably a flight to safety out of fiat currencies and into something that is durable in a crisis with less counterparty risk. It was a clear result of the tension in the Crimea.”

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Metals’ Streaks End; Minutes Show ‘Fractious Fed’

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FedFractiousSilver’s 11-session winning streak was snapped on Wednesday and gold fell for the first time in ten sessions.  Spot silver and gold ended down 2.1% and 0.8% respectively, after minutes from the FOMC’s late-January meeting “showed several policymakers wanted to keep cutting monetary stimulus, weighing on bullion’s inflation-hedge appeal,” reported Reuters.   But the minutes also revealed a “fractious Fed” split between doves and hawks, that a MarketWatch article characterized as “a central bank at war with itself over key issues of monetary policy and possessing no clear consensus on how to guide markets about its next steps.”

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Silver: Longest Win Steak Since 1968; Seen Boosted by Chinese Data

Posted by on February 19th 2014 in CFTC, China, Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, India, JPMorgan, Monetary Policy, Short Sellers, Silver, Ted Butler, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!

ChinaSilverDemandBefore spot gold and silver ended mixed on Tuesday, with gold off 0.4% and silver up 1%, Dan Norcini wrote of “both strong short covering and fresh buying occurring across the broad commodity sector this AM. The reason? Stronger than expected data out of China,” which he sees as “the reason that silver continues to outperform gold to the upside for now….Last week it was data revealing a surge in both imports and exports. Today it was the larger than expected foreign direct investment numbers. This is also the reason that the overall commodity sector continues to march higher. Shorts are getting squeezed out across the board.”

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Gold Alternative Gets Bad Rap in India

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Tim Iacono:  “This is about the most ridiculous thing that I think I’ve ever come across when it comes to shaping opinions about investing. Straight from India, where there’s been a concerted effort to get people to invest in stocks, bonds, and other paper promises rather than gold, comes this rap video extolling the virtues of mutual funds.”  And, it has more than 1 million views in just one month!

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