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Paper Gains Slow; Bullion Sales Grow

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Gold and silver futures added a fraction of a percent on Wednesday, with gold benefiting from “some mild short covering and bargain hunting,” according to one analyst cited by Coin News, which also reports “another day of wide bullion gains,” based on numbers from the U.S. Mint, “adding to already strong figures with sales so far this week at 13,500 ounces in gold coins and 1,122,000 ounces in silver coins. Those top last week sales of 9,000 ounces in gold coins and 1,050,500 ounces in silver coins.”

Dan Norcini sees gold “being batted back and forth between two opposing forces at the moment. The negative force continues to be the slowing Chinese economy with traders fearing a slackening of demand from that key consumer. The positive is escalating tensions in the eastern part of Ukraine.” Bloomberg quotes one commodities broker as saying that “As long as there’s uncertainty in Russia, having some exposure to gold makes sense. With the selloff yesterday, it seems like cheaper insurance today.”

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Metals Gain as Dollar Drops, Ukraine Tensions Rise

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Gold and silver futures both added 0.8% on Tuesday to close above $1.300 and $20 an ounce respectively, with the gains attributed to a lower dollar and renewed tensions between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine.  “The unrest in the Ukraine and the escalating rhetoric from the U.S. is creating fear of an armed conflict, so safe-haven demand is definitely driving up gold prices today,” according to one analyst quoted by Reuters, which notes that gold was “also underpinned by official-sector buying after Iraq’s central bank said it might buy more gold in the next few months, having bought 60 tonnes over the past two.”

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Gold and Silver Flip AM Script

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On Wednesday, silver futures gained 1.8% to finish above $20 an ounce for the first time since March 24, and gold futures added 0.8%.  Both went vertical at the open, and as Zero Hedge noted:  “Instead of the smack-down that we have seen around the 8 a.m. ET time each of the last 10 days, today gold and silver are spiking. It is unclear what the catalyst is – just as it is never clear what the catalyst for the monkey-hammerings are – but the timing with Putin’s retaliation threats (specifically against a major bank with a mysteriously active gold vault) suggest some causation.”

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Analyts Diff’r on Gold ‘Sentiment’

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With gold and silver futures both slipping 0.3% on Tuesday, as stocks rose on what was described as “a record Fed-assisted window dressing operation,” Bloomberg cites an HSBC note concluding that the “near-term sentiment for gold appears negative,” with its recent decline “largely explained by the combination of receding geopolitical tensions and the Fed’s guidance for higher interest rates.” But according to two precious-metals strategists at UBS, gold’s “correction has been relatively orderly and interest to buy the dip is evident. This reflects the underlying improvement in sentiment towards gold – investors are acknowledging the value of holding gold to diversify portfolios and insure against tail risks and are therefore looking for opportunities to get in at better levels.”

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Gold Surprises; Michael Lewis Takes On HFTs

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Although gold and silver ended down 3% and 2.5% on the week after logging a slight gain on Friday, gold beating U.S. stocks was seen as one of “The Top 10 Surprises of the First Quarter.”  And before spot gold closed at $1,294 on Friday, one analyst, looking ahead to next week, told Reuters that “If we don’t close below $1,290 today, we could see some consolidation around these levels ahead of the ECB on Thursday and U.S. nonfarm payrolls on Friday.”

And as it’s argued that last April’s gold smash was more about high-frequency trading, than say, garden variety market manipulation, Michael Lewis takes aim at the former in his new book, “Flash Boys,” which will be published on Monday. Lewis will be interviewed on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, and CNBC has some excerpts from the book, in which Lewis likens HFT’s to card counters in casinos, who only play when they have an edge:  “That’s why they were able to trade for five years without losing money on a single day.”

Gold Gains On Ukraine Tensions, Weak Chinese Data

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ChineseExportDataGold and silver ended mixed on Monday, with gold’s 0.3% gain tied to “signs of a deepening crisis in the Ukraine,” reports Bloomberg, citing an analysis by  Commerzbank Ag analysts that “gold should be in demand as a safe haven given the geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine.” Gold was also said to be supported by what a Reuters article describes as “disappointing Chinese export data,” which showed that February exports were down 18% year-over-year. One possible explanation is a drop in credit growth that leads a SocGen analysis to conclude that “The season of weak Chinese data has just begun.”

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China Gold: A Tale of Two Headlines

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Mineweb‘s Lawrence Williams asks readers to compare the headlines of the above articles “for effectively the same story using exactly the same figures…According to the Bloomberg interpretation of the latest gold import and export figures from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, the special administrative region exported a net 83.6 tonnes of gold to the Chinese mainland in January.

As Bloomberg rightly notes this is a fall – albeit a fairly small one – of around 9% from the 91.9 tonnes in December – so far so good.  But gold trade between Hong Kong and Mainland China can be seasonal so perhaps the better comparison should be to compare this with the net exports from Hong Kong to mainland China in January last year – which came to a very low 19.6 tonnes – hence the 326% rise noted in the Mineweb headline.  Incidentally Hong Kong net gold exports to the mainland were 96.7 tonnes in December 2012 – so the December figures for 2012 and 2013 were broadly comparable, but the January ones certainly were not!”….Read more >>>

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Metals’ Gains Tied to Manufacturing Misses

Posted by on February 21st 2014 in China, Federal Reserve, General Economy, Gold, Janet Yellen, Media, Monetary Policy, Short Sellers, Silver, Wall Street | Be the first to comment!


The prospect of additional QE from China was seen as the catalyst for gold and silver rising after the country’s manufacturing sector hit a seven-month low, based on the HSBC PMI reading. Spot gold and silver ended up 0.9% and 1.5% respectively, with the gains also attributed to weak U.S. manufacturing data from the Philadelphia Fed. A USA Gold article points out that while one manufacturing gauge, Markit PMI, came in better than expected, “the Philly Fed index was a huge miss…. The jobs component of the index fell to fell to 4.8 from 10.0 in January, which has already resulted in some negative revisions to February nonfarm payrolls expectations. I suppose there is a chance that another bad NFP print could prompt Yellen to push for reconsideration of tapering when she presides over her first meeting as chair in March.”

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Gold Alternative Gets Bad Rap in India

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Tim Iacono:  “This is about the most ridiculous thing that I think I’ve ever come across when it comes to shaping opinions about investing. Straight from India, where there’s been a concerted effort to get people to invest in stocks, bonds, and other paper promises rather than gold, comes this rap video extolling the virtues of mutual funds.”  And, it has more than 1 million views in just one month!

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Silver’s Medical Miracles

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Gold Silver Worlds introduces & excerpts the recently published, “The Most Precious Metal: Why Silver is More Valuable than Gold, Platinum, or Money.” Lead author Gordon Pedersen is also the medical director of the Silver Health Institute.

“The most precious metal during a crisis is silver, but not because of its role as a monetary metal…. Silver is nature’s finest germ killer. Simply by being silver, this most precious metal’s elemental properties are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms while simultaneously being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria.”

Faber Prefers Physical Metals to Bitcoin

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Warning that “We are in a gigantic financial asset bubble” that “can burst any day,” Marc Faber also said on Bloomberg TV:  “I prefer physical gold and silver, platinum to bitcoin. Bitcoin can have a lot of competition. Gold and silver and platinum — they have no competition…. How do you value a bitcoin? I can value gold to some extent and compare say gold to the quantity of money that is floating around the world, to the wealth increase, and to the monetary base increase, to the credit increase, and so forth and so on, and to the production costs. So I have an idea of where gold should be.”

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CEO Buys Into Bitcoin, but Buys Gold

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As USA Gold’s Michael Kosares presents “The Gold Owner’s Guide to 2014,” the gold-owning CEO of explains why he’s buying into bitcoin, if not buying it. Following last week’s announcement by the online retailer that it will begin accepting bitcoin in 2014, CEO Patrick Byrne was asked by Fortune if he owns any bitcoins, “No. I own gold….A lot,” he said, adding, “Let’s just say enough that if zombies walked the Earth I will have enough gold that me and mine are taken care of.”

After explaining the financial reasons for accepting bitcoin, Byrne said “the philosophical reason” is because “I am from the Austrian School of Economics, which means we’re the guys who hate fiat money. The long-run value of all fiat money is zero. If you believe in limited government, you want to have a monetary system that is based on something where no government mandarin can just create money with a stroke of a pen. Gold is a solution, we’re not going to bring back the gold standard any time soon. We’re not going to get rid of the Federal Reserve any time soon, so bitcoin is a step in the right direction.”

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