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Broker: Gold as Safe Haven Now ‘More than Ever’

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As stocks snapped back on Monday, gold and silver added a fraction of a percent, with gold hitting a three-week high, reports Reuters. It cites an increase in gold’s safe-haven appeal, which it attributes to “growing violence between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces, and news that a Russian fighter aircraft made repeated low-altitude, close-range passes near a U.S. ship in the Black Sea over the weekend.” The article also quotes a commodities broker who advises that “the need to have some gold in investment portfolios for safety now is more than ever. A lot of people don’t necessarily trust the stock market at the moment.”

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Gold and Silver Rally on ‘Dovish’ Fed

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Gold and silver finished mixed on Wednesday, but both rallied along with stocks — see “Fed Cat Bounce” — after minutes from last month’s FOMC meeting showed that members seemed less inclined to raise interest rates than previously thought. “The Fed sounds less hawkish than it did last month, which is good for gold,” according to an investment strategist quoted by Bloomberg, who added that the market is nonetheless “confused because there are so many contradicting signals from the Fed.”

Or, as Dan Norcini, under the headline “Dovish Fed sinks US Dollar” describes it:  “Watching them swing from hawkish to dovish in such a short interval makes me understand why our markets are so screwed up. The Fed is consistently changing their assessment of things. That would be just fine and dandy were not the U.S. financial markets addicted to easy money and so utterly dependent on these jokers for their latest fix.”

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Metals Drop on Euro Weakness vs. USD

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In advance of Friday’s jobs report, spot gold and silver fell 0.8% and 0.5% respectively on Thursday, with the drop attributed to the dollar gaining against the euro, which fell 1% as ECB head Mario Draghi spoke at a press conference, in which he said “There was a discussion about QE, it wasn’t neglected.” But USA Gold’s market report points out that “While the dollar firmed intraday, gold did as well, giving a very preliminary indication that a launching of ECB asset purchases may ultimately supplant Fed tapering as the monetary policy story of the year…. the ECB is prepared to contort itself in whatever way deemed necessary to justify such purchases. It is also arguably a testament to the dire nature of Europe’s predicament.”

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Gold and Silver Flip AM Script

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On Wednesday, silver futures gained 1.8% to finish above $20 an ounce for the first time since March 24, and gold futures added 0.8%.  Both went vertical at the open, and as Zero Hedge noted:  “Instead of the smack-down that we have seen around the 8 a.m. ET time each of the last 10 days, today gold and silver are spiking. It is unclear what the catalyst is – just as it is never clear what the catalyst for the monkey-hammerings are – but the timing with Putin’s retaliation threats (specifically against a major bank with a mysteriously active gold vault) suggest some causation.”

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Analyts Diff’r on Gold ‘Sentiment’

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With gold and silver futures both slipping 0.3% on Tuesday, as stocks rose on what was described as “a record Fed-assisted window dressing operation,” Bloomberg cites an HSBC note concluding that the “near-term sentiment for gold appears negative,” with its recent decline “largely explained by the combination of receding geopolitical tensions and the Fed’s guidance for higher interest rates.” But according to two precious-metals strategists at UBS, gold’s “correction has been relatively orderly and interest to buy the dip is evident. This reflects the underlying improvement in sentiment towards gold – investors are acknowledging the value of holding gold to diversify portfolios and insure against tail risks and are therefore looking for opportunities to get in at better levels.”

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Metals Pare Q1 Gains, but Trump Stocks

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After falling a fraction of a percent on Monday, gold and silver prices ended down about 3% and 7% respectively for March, but logged gains of 6.8% and 2% for the quarter. Reuters reports that “Gold largely ignored Yellen’s strong defense of U.S. easy-money policies on Monday, when she said the Fed’s ‘extraordinary’ commitment to boosting the economy will be needed for some time to come.” And MarketWatch cites a Naxis Metals Review report predicting a period of consolidation for gold and silver, “during which costs of production are likely to become a more important determinant of prices than the strength of demand,” but, “as these rising costs of production catch up with the (falling) price of gold and silver, so prices will form a base and eventually begin moving higher once more.”

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Gold Surprises; Michael Lewis Takes On HFTs

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Although gold and silver ended down 3% and 2.5% on the week after logging a slight gain on Friday, gold beating U.S. stocks was seen as one of “The Top 10 Surprises of the First Quarter.”  And before spot gold closed at $1,294 on Friday, one analyst, looking ahead to next week, told Reuters that “If we don’t close below $1,290 today, we could see some consolidation around these levels ahead of the ECB on Thursday and U.S. nonfarm payrolls on Friday.”

And as it’s argued that last April’s gold smash was more about high-frequency trading, than say, garden variety market manipulation, Michael Lewis takes aim at the former in his new book, “Flash Boys,” which will be published on Monday. Lewis will be interviewed on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, and CNBC has some excerpts from the book, in which Lewis likens HFT’s to card counters in casinos, who only play when they have an edge:  “That’s why they were able to trade for five years without losing money on a single day.”

Less is More

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In presenting the above stunner, Zero Hedge observes that “The economic growth expectations for the world in 2014 just plunged to fresh lows at a mere 2.78% – that is 15% ‘less’ growth than was expected a year ago. The world’s equity markets are up 25% ‘more’ than at the start of 2013. Thus, our dysfunctional dystopian world where ‘less’ economic growth is ‘more’ wealth-creating. Long live the central bank utopia…”

Hot Money Moves In, and Out, of Gold

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Gold and silver futures ended off 1.9% and 1.2% on Monday, with gold’s fall attributed to the prospect of higher U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar. In addition, MarketWatch cites a note from Commerzbank’s analysts saying that the drop was “due no doubt to further profit-taking after net long positions in gold were increased for the sixth week running in the week to 18 March.  At 121,100 contracts, they are currently at their highest level since the end of November 2012,” based on last Friday’s COT report.

But according to Dan Norcini, “Nearly all of those new longs were immediately under water as soon as the FOMC issued its statement last week. That and the fact that WWIII did not break out, as many of the perma gold bugs were predicting, was enough to turn the momentum back and that did it for the momentum-based funds. They are now selling.” And Bullion Vault‘s Adrian Ash adds:  “Buying gold we think is a smart idea. Chasing the price up…and then down…with gold futures and options is less clever. But it remains an ever-popular way of losing money for aggressive hedge funds and their formerly wealthy clients.”

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FOMC Meets Spell Weak Weeks for Gold

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Zero Hedge:  “What is more confidence-inspiring in the Fed’s ability to manage the world and the continued dominance of the U.S. dollar as global reserve currency than a falling gold price… and when better to show that than FOMC meeting weeks… welcome to the centrally-planned world where the announcement of ongoing trillions in fiat dilution constantly crushes the price of undilutable money.”

The above chart comes courtesy of Meridian Macro. Click on the “Gold & Silver Report (weekly)” button on the charts page for a free pdf sample of their March 14 offering.

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China’s 2013 Gold Buy Tops 1,000 Tonnes; ‘Not Coming Back’

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China’s 2013 gold consumption topped 1,000 tonnes for the first time, reports Reuters, according to an announcement on the China Gold Association’s Web site, that consumption jumped 41 percent last year to 1,176 tonnes. That’s similar to the figures reported in late-January for China’s 2013 imports through Hong Kong.  The Reuters article also points out that not only has the surge in demand “helped China become the No. 1 gold consumer,” but that the numbers “do not include demand from the central bank, whose gold reserves stand at 33.89 million ounces (1,054 tonnes), unchanged since April 2009, according to the latest figures on the central bank’s website.”

And in the above video, Morgan Gold’s chief strategist, Ed Moy, told Bloomberg‘s “Bottom Line” on Monday that “When you look at gold, there’s two separate pieces. One is how the West looks at gold, and they’ve been investing in a lot of electronic derivatives and proxies for gold. Whereas the East has been buying a lot of physical gold. That demand has actually gone up. China in 2013 looks like they bought 1,000 tonnes, making them the number one buyer of gold in the world.”  Asked if he’s concerned about a possible gold shortage, Moy says, “Absolutely.”  He reasons that since Eastern investors are “hoarders” who “aren’t in it for the quick pop, like Western investors are…. when there’s a need here in the West, there’s gonna be a shortage because all that gold’s not coming back from East to West.”

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Chinese Imports Top 1,000 Tonnes … and Then Some

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Comex gold and silver futures ended mixed on Monday with silver up 0.1% and  gold off 0.1%, reports MarketWatch, quoting one analyst as observing that “gold futures did catch a bid off the lows of the day in an inverse reaction to the stock market … as the primary driver of markets remains emerging market concerns,” and quoting another as saying that recent gold moves offer “encouraging early signs that the lows of $1,180 in June 2013 and $1,182 earlier this month are a double bottom.”

And according to a Bloomberg report, gold shipments from Hong Kong to China totaled a record 1,109 tonnes in 2013, a 33% increase over 2012.  Addressing the minor discrepancy between that figure and Reuters‘ tally of 1,158 tonnes, despite the stats being received from the same source, Mineweb‘s Lawrence Williams also points out that China “imports gold through other land, sea and air border points, which are not officially quantified by the Chinese, and we suspect total imports may well have been in excess of 2,000 tonnes for the year.” He estimates that with what China mines and smelts, the country’s total gold consumption is north of 2,400 tonnes, “representing around 85% of last year’s global mined gold output…”

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