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Gold Market Analyst: ‘U.S. is Out Of the Game Right Now’

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With gold and silver futures ending down a fraction of a percent on Monday, a Bloomberg report attributes gold’s drop to predictions by some banks that the Fed will raise interests earlier than previously assumed, from the first quarter of 2015 to the fourth quarter of this year. But dismissing the notion that an early rate increase would hurt gold, Bloomberg Industries’ Kenneth Hoffman said that “I think the U.S. is out of the game right now,” pointing to Asia as the epicenter of the market. Citing the Singapore Exchange’s introduction of gold trading in September, he says that he recently returned from Asia and with so many “traders moving into Singapore and Hong Kong and Shanghai, there’s a lot of excitement about gold in Asia.”  In late May, Mineweb wrote about a presentation by Hoffman, who offered up statistics showing that China and India are consuming more gold than the world is mining.

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GoaaaldGold and silver futures inched up about a dollar and a penny respectively on Wednesday, reports Coin News, but still, it was gold’s third up day in a row and silver advanced for the seventh time in eight sessions. It cites a MarketWatch article in which one analyst is quoted as saying that “Gold futures have been acting as a decent hedge to the stock market all year and weakness in equities…is attracting some bids into the gold market,” while another sees the World Bank cutting its global growth forecast as “a bit bullish for the gold market as it hints the world’s major central banks can keep their easy-money policies in place at least a while longer.”  But Sharps Pixley’s Ross Norman suggests that traders are pretty much checked out, as their “attention seems to be shifting from the latest batch of U.S. data — to the soccer World Cup in the absence of major drivers.”

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Metals React Positively to ECB Going Negative

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LessThanZeroGold and silver futures gained 0.7% and 1.6% respectively on Thursday, after the the ECB cut interest rates from 0.25% to 0.15%, and dropped the rate on  overnight deposits to negative 0.1%, which was described as an “historic step” that “signals strange economic times.” But the moves were also seen as a “disappointment” for not going far enough, with the euro rebounding to hit a ten-day high. And according to a Bloomberg report, the ECB’s action “probably won’t quell calls for more radical measures such as quantitative easing to stop the euro area from sliding into deflation.”

And while gold’s gains were said to be “coming mainly from short covering and not from a huge throng of eager new buyers,” it was also suggested that gold and silver “took a hit the past couple of days after option expiration to dampen any rally possibilities over what should surely be a big positive for the precious metals.” Gold Newsletter‘ editor Brien Lunden agrees, telling MarketWatch that “since gold responds over time to increases in the supply of fiat currency…. Increasing amounts of euros, as well as dollars, yen and other currencies, will raise the relative value of ‘things’ — and especially gold.”

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Gold and Silver Flip AM Script

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On Wednesday, silver futures gained 1.8% to finish above $20 an ounce for the first time since March 24, and gold futures added 0.8%.  Both went vertical at the open, and as Zero Hedge noted:  “Instead of the smack-down that we have seen around the 8 a.m. ET time each of the last 10 days, today gold and silver are spiking. It is unclear what the catalyst is – just as it is never clear what the catalyst for the monkey-hammerings are – but the timing with Putin’s retaliation threats (specifically against a major bank with a mysteriously active gold vault) suggest some causation.”

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Gold Gets Boost From Weak U.S. Data

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Silver took a breather on Tuesday, ending off 0.1%, while gold added 0.4% to hit a fresh four-month high, reports Reuters, “after disappointing U.S. consumer confidence and a lackluster gain in home prices fueled concerns over the U.S. economic recovery.” To that point, Dan Norcini writes that “As long as US interest rates are not rising and investors/traders are of the opinion that the Yellen-led Fed is not going to hike interest rates anytime soon, the dollar is going to have some trouble and that means gold should continue to see rather good support on dips in price. The big key will be any economic data that comes out on the strong side – that will put a firm bid back into the dollar almost immediately and should pressure gold so anyone trading this stuff will need to pay close attention to nearly every single important economic data release.”

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Metals Gain on Yellen; Falling Treasury Yields Seen Boosting Gold

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Spot gold and silver were up 1.4% and 0.9% respectively on Tuesday following Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony before the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, in which she said “the recovery in the labor market is far from complete.”  According to one strategist quoted by Bloomberg, “Yellen’s acknowledgement that more needs to be done to restore the labor market is helping gold. While she said that tapering will continue, she made it clear that it’s not on any pre-set course.”

But Dan Norcini writes that while traders “are convinced that the doves are going to dominate the Fed…. from my perspective the reason gold continues to move higher is because longer-term rates continue moving lower.  You might recall that from the beginning of November last year through the end of December, the price of gold fell from $1350 all the way to below $1200. It was no coincidence that as this was taking place, the yield on the Ten Year ran from near 2.45% all the way to above 3.00%.  As yields have moved lower for the Ten Year, especially due in great part to the fears surrounding the emerging market concerns, gold has responded by moving higher.”

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Frontline – “To Catch a Trader”

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The producers of Frontline‘s look at insider trading prosecutions, which premiered Tuesday evening, took questions in an online chat.

Metals Drop on Profit Taking, Taper Talk

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As a former gold bear turns bullish — see above interview — gold and silver ended down 2% and 3.9% respectively on Thursday.  One explanation given was profit taking, while positive retail sales data and a likely U.S. budget deal were also seen increasing the prospects that the Fed will pull the taper trigger at next week’s FOMC meeting.

Bloomberg quotes one analyst as saying that “it looks plausible that gold eases back towards $1,220 as we move toward the Fed decision. However, looking at next year, we are not so overly bearish as interest rates will continue to be a record low and QE will continue for a while even if it will be gradually reduced.”  This as MarketWatch‘s Matthwew Lynn argues that “QE and zero rates are going to be around for a lot longer than most investors have yet realized.”

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Obama Nominates New CFTC Head

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President Obama announced on Tuesday that he’s nominating Timothy Massad to replace CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler, whose term ends in January. Massad currently heads the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Stability (OFS), which oversees implementation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  The nomination follows last week’s announcement by commissioner Bart Chilton that he’s resigning at the end of this year.

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman, an outspoken critic of the Obama Administration’s handling of the financial crisis, told Politico that “One of my concerns when Gensler said he was leaving is that his replacement would be someone like Tim Massad, who I think will not make sure we live up to the promises of Dodd-Frank with regard to the fact that derivatives will be transparent and that they’ll be regulated.  Massad is much more in the Jacob Lew-Tim Geithner  philosophy of regulation of the banks from everything I saw in the Senate and as chair of the congressional oversight of the TARP.”


Top 10 Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

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Mike Maloney Counts ‘Em Down….


Fed Maintains Stimulus; Taper Speculation Begins Anew

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In a statement released following its two-day FOMC meeting, the Federal Reserve “maintained its massive bond-buying stimulus program at the current level, citing still-high unemployment, a slowdown in the housing market and an economy held back by fiscal policies,” reports the Los Angeles Times.  But following the announcement stocks, bonds and gold fell, although Zero Hedge notes that “Gold and silver knee-jerked lower but bounced back somewhat.”

A Reuters article fingers “a slightly less-dovish-than-expected statement” for the drop, quoting a Wells Fargo portfolio strategist as saying that “The Fed was dismissive about how higher mortgage rates are affecting the housing recovery. They also removed the statement about their concerns regarding a deterioration in financial conditions. This sets the stage for an easy start to taper in December.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that “the Fed isn’t taking a December adjustment to the bond-buying program off the table. But that comes with the strong caveat that it depends on whether the economy is living up to its expectations.”

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Ted Butler: A ‘Very Big Change’ in Silver Futures

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In an excerpt from his newsletter to subscribers, Ted Butler points out that “the concentrated long position of the four largest Comex silver traders is higher and closer in size to the concentrated short position of the four biggest shorts (obviously different traders) than any time in my memory. I’m not sure what this means, but I am always sensitive to anomalies and changes in Comex silver as it might signal an end to the manipulation. The four big longs in Comex silver hold 29,040 contracts long and the 4 big short traders are short 35,378 contracts. Never have these respective concentrated positions been so evenly matched.”

Butler goes on to note that historically, “the big 4 shorts’ position was anywhere from 2 to 4 times larger than what the 4 big longs held in Comex silver. To see them this evenly matched is a very big change, along the lines of seeing JPMorgan holding an unprecedented long market corner in Comex gold –  something way out of the ordinary. It would seem the big 4 longs in silver are in the commercial swap dealers category (with perhaps a managed money long thrown in). One thing that comes to mind is that either someone big may be taking JPMorgan on, or that JPMorgan is the buyer in a different reporting name. Is there anyone remaining who doesn’t assume the worst when JPMorgan is involved?”

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