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Russia/Ukraine Gold — All In vs. All Gone

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While Reuters pegs Tuesday’s gains in gold and silver to a falling dollar, a Bloomberg article headlines Russia adding to its gold reserves as a major factor in gold topping $1,200 an ounce on its way to a two-week high. “The fact that Russia is buying more gold instead of diversifying into another currency or buying more dollars is a big positive,” said one trader, in response to a report that Russia has purchased about 150 tonnes of gold so far this year, almost twice its 2013 buy, including 35 tonnes since the end of September.

But in Ukraine, according to a Zero Hedge post, the head of the country’s central bank said during a TV interview that “in the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left,” adding that there’s “a small amount of gold bullion left, but it’s just 1% of reserves.” Earlier this year the IMF put Ukraine’s gold holdings at 42.3 tonnes, or 8% of total reserves. Zero Hedge concludes: “now that the disappearance of Ukraine’s gold has been confirmed, perhaps it is time to refresh the “unconfirmed” story that a little after the current Ukraine regime took power the bulk of Ukraine’s gold was taken to the United States.”

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Silver’s Million Ounce Monday

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Although spot gold and silver ended off 0.1% and 0.7% respectively on Monday, as the dollar rose on news overnight, that Japan fell into a recession, more than a million Silver Eagles were sold on the first day the coins were available since going dark almost two weeks ago. “At 40,393,000 coins sold in 2014 so far,” reports Coin News, “there is now just one stronger year in the Silver Eagle’s 29-year history — 2013 at 42,675,000 coins.”

And an argument that silver is showing “Signs of Life,” suggests that despite the “demoralizing” price action since July, recent technical and fundamental activity “could be screaming at us that this is about to change. Increasing physical demand highlighted by a lack of availability of and rising premiums for silver coins and bars coupled with an extension and overbought condition in the gold-silver ratio is significant. Add to that a pair of bullish key-reversal days on consecutive Fridays validated by the same action in gold.”

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What Bernanke Giveth…

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Gold and silver futures fell 2.7% and 5.9% respectively on Friday after St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, a voting member of the FOMC, said the committee could be “comfortable with a small taper in October,” depending on the data. Before his comments, a Bloomberg survey showed that gold traders were the most bullish in three weeks.  But James Turk told MarketWatch that Friday’s drop was a “logical reaction to the big jump in gold,” and Got Gold Report‘s Gene Arensberg, said that “what we’re seeing now is digestion of the surprise knee-jerk reaction on Wednesday — but make no mistake: the game has changed. This is merely a consolidation.”

USA Gold points out that “We suggested in our first post-FOMC commentary that we should be assured, ‘the Fed will once again dangle the taper possibility before the market in an effort to keep markets from wholly readopting the QEternity meme.’ It sure didn’t take long and markets that rallied earlier in the week are now dutifully retreating. However, Bullard also reiterated his concerns about below-target inflation, saying that the Fed should ‘defend the inflation target from the low side.’ Inflation has been below target for some time, despite nearly $3 trillion in asset purchases. Is Bullard saying that we need to increase QE to stoke inflation? This is the more significant piece of the interview in my opinion.”

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Easterly Flow Bullish, but Metals Seen Lacking Short-Term Catalyst

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Tim Iacono argues that “precious metals markets are now in desperate need of some new positive catalyst to prevent the dire predictions of Goldman Sachs from materializing.” He’s referring to last week’s prediction by Goldman’s head of commodities research that gold “could trade below $1,000” in the near-term, even though HSBC actually raised its prediction for this year from $1,396  to $1,446. And Got Gold Report reminds that Goldman is “well known for jawboning its book.”

Iacono sees Chinese demand “and the ongoing flow of metal from the West to the East” continuing to be “the most bullish aspects of the 2013 precious metals market….Unfortunately for gold bulls in the West, nothing in China is likely to affect the gold price in the week or two ahead as the bears are now firmly in control. Over the long-term, the massive flow of gold from West to East in 2013 could have a huge impact on physical supply and price, but exactly when that will occur is anyone’s guess.”

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Silver Gets Down With Gold, Not Copper

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With the price of silver down almost twice as much as gold since last September, — 27% versus 14% — Steve St. Angelo points out that this has prompted some technical analysts to argue that it’s because silver trades more like copper than gold.  But charting the declines in each, he argues that it’s a “big fallacy” that silver is trading more like a base metal than a monetary metal.

“How can silver be trading like copper or other base metals if its price is behaving much worse?,” he asks.  “It’s quite simple. Silver like gold, also behaves like a monetary metal. This recent takedown in the price of gold and silver was not by accident…. Normally, the price of silver falls more violently than gold during a rapid decline. So it is clear in my book that the price of silver is behaving more like a manipulated monetary metal than a base metal such as copper.”

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Ted Butler: Shut Down ‘Crooked’ COMEX

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In reviewing the recent record of the CFTC, Ted Butler declares that “It is time for the CFTC to come clean about silver and stop pretending it is investigating. It will be better for everyone (except holders of long COMEX contracts) for the CFTC to simply shut down this crooked exchange instead of letting the manipulation continue. At one time I did think the exchange could be reformed, but I no longer feel that is possible. The corruption goes too deep. It’s bad enough that an important American financial institution is corrupt beyond repair, but it is more a loss that the COMEX has dragged the CFTC down with it.

In my latest article, I referred to the commissioners and other high officials of the agency as traitors to the American people. I still feel that way. Not only are none of them fit to hold their current positions, they should never hold any other public office again.”  Butler singles out Chairman Gary Gensler and Commissioner Bart Chilton, who he accuses of having “done more harm as a result of first championing the important issues and then abandoning them. In fact, this whole Dodd-Frank experience looks like a colossal failure because neither was strong enough to speak out publicly about how the large banks and JPMorgan in particular had corrupted the process.”

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American Eagle Sales: Silver Looms Larger than Gold

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Reporting on April’s sales spike for gold & silver coins, Hard Assets Investor points out that the U.S. Mint’s “sales of American Eagle gold coins are a relatively insignificant portion of the global gold market. Annual global gold demand is in the range of 145 million ounces. At 502,000 ounces, mint gold sales are too small [about 0.3%] to make a dent,” but “silver coin sales are significant. On an annualized basis, sales are running at a 56 million ounce clip. That’s over 5 percent of global silver demand, which is around 1 billion ounces.”  And looking at the growth in gold and silver American Eagle sales since 2008, USA Gold concludes that April’s price weakness was only part of the story.

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Hating on Gold; Metals as ‘Catastrophe Insurance’

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Explaining why, “Even if you hate gold, you should buy it,” Casey Research’s Vedran Vuk presents “the conundrum for the anti-gold crowd. If everyone keeps buying gold regardless of what happens, is it really so stupid to own it? Hey, I think that paper money is the dumbest thing on earth, but that doesn’t stop me from using it. Getting the market right is all about figuring out what other people want, rather than being swayed by your personal biases. As a result, even if you personally think gold is stupid, it still is a smart investment.

And Sprott’s Rick Rule tells The Gold Report that “Rationally, I might not be well advised to own any gold at all because I have so much of my net worth tied up in my business, which reacts to the gold market. Nonetheless, I own a lot of gold, silver and platinum bullion. I own it the way that I own life, auto or homeowner insurance. I regard it as catastrophe insurance.

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$2,000+ Gold Said to Depend on China and India

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“For gold to extend its current modest rally into a move beyond $2,000 an ounce, it will more than likely need the support of the physical market and this means more buying by consumers in China and India,” argues Reuters market analyst Clyde Russell.

Referencing the above graph showing the divergence in price and demand, he writes that “While China’s gold consumption may have gained, given that Hong Kong’s exports to the mainland nearly doubled in July, it’s still unlikely to have recorded the kind of jump needed to bring physical demand back into correlation with the third-quarter price gains.  It’s the same story for India, with imports likely to have improved in the third quarter as the rupee gained strength, but unlikely by enough to give a physical platform to gold’s rally.

Right now it appears central bank buying remains solid, investment demand has picked up with a 6 percent gain in holdings by exchange-traded funds since the end of July, but it remains to be seen if Indian and Chinese demand has improved. If it has, then the case for a gold rally may be complete, but if the third quarter growth in the world’s top two consumers is modest, then gold’s rally will look shaky.”

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Wealthy Said Buying (Physical) Gold as Inflation Hedge

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As The American Dream blog compiles quotes from ten financial experts on the effect that QE3 will have on gold and silver, Bloomberg reports that “More high-net-worth individuals are seeking to buy gold to protect their wealth from the risk of rising inflation after central banks boosted stimulus,” according to Deutsche Bank AG’s asset and wealth-management unit:

And they prefer physical over paper:  “For our ultra-high-net-worth clients, and a growing number of our high-net-worth clients who have significant liquidity, they are becoming increasingly concerned to have at least some of their exposure to this asset class in the form of allocated physical bullion itself, rather than the indirect exposure that an over-the-counter product offers,” said the head of the bank’s Asia-Pacific wealth management arm.

This as the president of the Dallas Fed, Richard Fisher, also tells Bloomberg:  “We have seen a sharp rise in inflation expectations. If you let this get out of hand, then I think we will have a market reaction.”

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Fed ‘Whisper’ Helps Boost Metals

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Before gold and silver closed up 1.1% and 3.8% respectively on Wednesday, Wall St. Cheat Sheet‘s Eric McWhinnie, in an article headlined ‘The Fed whispers sweet nothings to gold and silver,” wrote that both “gold and silver are climbing higher once again as the WSJ reports that the Fed is considering more action amid recovery doubts.

Fed Whisperer Jon Hilsenrath writes, ‘Fed policy makers could take a small precautionary measure, like extending for a short period its ‘Operation Twist’ program, in which the Fed is selling short-term securities and using the proceeds to buy long-term securities. Or, policy makers could take bolder action such as launching another large round of bond purchases if they become convinced of a significant slowdown.'”

But, as the Washington Post reports, the Fed also “faces political heat in weighing more economic stimulus.”

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Asian ‘Smart Money’ Likes Gold and Silver

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A Seeking Alpha post on the degree to which “Asian economies continue to welcome gold and silver,” cites two recent news stories worth focusing on.  One is the Shanghai Futures Exchange launching a silver futures trade, which debuted Thursday, and the other is India deciding to retract its excise tax on gold jewelry.

It goes on to argue that “In today’s markets, especially in the natural resource sector, the smart money is China – with India often being a notable second. So, if price is falling and the smart money remains committed, that’s a simple way of identifying a buying opportunity. And that is clearly the environment we are seeing today, in light of these important news headlines.”

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