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There's many good reasons to own silver. However, one of the most important is shown in the chart below. Investors don't realize the huge problems facing the U.S. and world going forward. While some more enlightened investors understand the upcoming calamity due to our highly leveraged debt-based fiat monetary system, most have no idea just […] moreContinue Reading
Here is an exchange I had this morning with someone I will only identify as the existential economist. I am AC. EE: Fed will use this jobs report (+295k jobs) to justify raising rates. Despite average wage growth falling. AC: They want to get off zero so that they can cut later on when they fail again.  Even if it is only 'symbolic.'  I would almost guarantee that this is their game moreContinue Reading
Yes it certainly is a Non-Farm Jobs Payrolls day. Apparently if you stack low paying part time jobs high enough it means something. The dollar took off on the 'blowout' jobs number. With the rest of the world in the process of cutting interest rates, the US looks to be getting ready to raise rates, which is certainly boosting the DX index, which is most heavily weighted to the euro. One moreContinue Reading
March 6, 2015

Double Jeopardy

If you've been playing along at home, you know that today was the day that the pennants closed and, to no surprise, they broke to the downside. Well, if you thought that was fun and you'd like to do it again, wait till you see what's coming next. read more moreContinue Reading
More information about the three-coin 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set has been revealed. The United States Mint just announced its limits, provided a release date and published an image of the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] moreContinue Reading
It's hard to think of the dead of winter as a prime season for solar energy investing. But numbers don't lie. moreContinue Reading
GOLD and SILVER prices sank lunchtime Friday in London after new US jobs data beat Wall Street forecasts with the strongest annual run of net hiring since the Tech Stock Bubble peaked in March 2000. Commodities dropped, and US stock-market futures pointed lower as US bond prices fell, driving 10-year yields almost 0.1 percentage higher to a ten-week high of 2.21%. Today's Non-Farm Payrolls report estimated net US hiring at 295,000 last month, beating analyst forecasts for the 9th time in 12 months. Both gold and silver prices dropped back to the New Year's starting levels, erasing the last of moreContinue Reading
March 6, 2015

It’s Dry in the West

Ski season is rapidly winding down here in Southwest Montana (my first year as a ski instructor has gone well, for those who may have wondered about the dearth of activity here at the blog in recent months) but, from what I've heard, ski season on the entire West Coast never really got started, a [...] moreContinue Reading
Re: Japan's Growth in Solar Power Falters as Utilities Balk Dear Sirs: One of the prime reasons for the failure of Japan's solar power initiatives is the government's ignorance of the coordinating function of the the free market. The article lays the proximate cause of its huge untapped solar power generation capacity in the paucity of the appropriate infrastructure to bring the power to its users. This is similar to the experience time after time in the Soviet Union. For example, bumper wheat crops rotted in the fields due to the lack of transport and storage facilities. Government bureaucracy is no substitute moreContinue Reading
March 6, 2015

Friday Morning Links

MUST READS 5 Things to Watch in February's Jobs Report – WSJ What to Watch for in Friday's U.S. Jobs Report – Bloomberg Euro sinks to 11-1/2-year low, bonds gain after ECB – Reuters ECB's QE Details Look Desperate – Alhambra Partners Draghi Declares Victory for Bond-Buying Before It Starts – Bloomberg Oil Firm That Raised Money last June Just Missed [...] moreContinue Reading
These two funds see their assets shrink by double-digit percentages in a single week. moreContinue Reading