Ted Butler’s Silver Sales Pitch

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This memorandum was written by Ted Butler

for the  Investment Rarities’ broker staff on October 28, 2014

ted-butlerThere is a flip side to everything and mainly as a result of the terrible beating it has taken over the past few years, the upside cycle for silver appears to be at hand. Not only is silver at a stupid cheap price, it has everything necessary to rally sharply and soon. This week, for the first time in my memory, the CEO of a leading silver miner, First Majestic, called on fellow silver miners to withhold production to break the back of the manipulation. If there’s one clear signal that a commodity’s price is too cheap, it is just that.

To an investor, a cheap price means low risk and a good time to buy. But what about the reasons for silver to rally and rally soon? Start with the largest speculative short position in history. You’ve heard me complain about a massive silver short position by JPMorgan and other banks for years, but I’m talking about something different now. While there is still a very sizable commercial paper short position on the COMEX, that is separate from the new historical short position in COMEX silver held by technical funds or traders who rely on chart signals alone to buy or sell….Read More »

Greenspan: On Gold, Uncut

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Gillian Tett: Do you think that gold is currently a good investment?

Alan Greenspan: Yes… Remember what we’re looking at. Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency. No fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it.

Metals Take Break From Fall; G/S Ratio Near 5-Year High

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Spot silver and gold recovered slightly on Thursday, adding a few-tenths of a percent, after Wednesday’s rout “tempted some buyers back to the market and as the dollar dipped on profit-taking,” reports Reuters.  It quotes one gold trader as observing:  “We’re holding steady today but nobody wants to make a big move ahead of the employment numbers tomorrow morning. If there’s a positive number, they (the bears) may take a run at it.” This as Bloomberg reports that the gold/silver ratio hit a five-year high earlier this week, topping 76 before ending at 74.1 on Thursday (see above chart). And in a separate article, on American Silver Eagles selling out, Bloomberg notes that assets in ETFs and other exchange-traded products “backed by silver rose to a record last month, defying a slump in gold ETP holdings to the smallest since 2009.”

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Metals Tumble as GOP Wins Boost Dollar

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Spot gold and silver ended off 1.8% and 3.6% respectively on Wednesday, reports Reuters, as the U.S. dollar rose, “extending multi-year highs after Republicans in mid-term elections won control over both chambers of the U.S. Congress for the first time since 2006, lifting investor expectations for more pro-business policies.”

While one analyst suggested that “Conservatives by nature are more hawkish and that is pushing the dollar higher. People do not see the need for gold,” another said that “Republicans might be harder on the Fed and loose policy. There’s little reason to hold gold when forward interest rates are going in one direction.”

And in response to a Wall Street Journal article, headlined “Good Morning, Ms. Yellen, Rand Paul on Line One,” USA Gold points out that “Yellen will advocate aggressively for continued Fed ‘independence,’ but I remind you of the recent statement made by former Fed chair Alan Greenspan: “I never said the central bank is independent!

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Ted Butler: Tight Physical Market Leaves Shorts Vulnerable

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“All of the things I look at in silver seem to be aligned for a sharp move up,” says Ted Butler, in an interview with Investment Rarities’ President Jim Cook.  Butler explains that “The big commercial traders, led by JPMorgan, have managed to get all the technical hedge funds to plow into the short side of COMEX silver. The technical funds must buy back their thousands of short silver contracts since they can’t possibly deliver real silver.”

And in a more extended conversation, with Peak Prosperity‘s Chris Martenson, Butler reiterates that the technical funds “have no ability whatsoever to deliver physical metal and at the same time they’re shorting like crazy into a physical environment where there’s nothing but indications that the market on a wholesale, physical basis is very tight. And that’s a combination that you can just blow sky high in price.”

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Metals Hover Near 2010 Lows; Coin Sales Continue Climb

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With silver and gold futures inching up and down respectively on Monday, paper and physical continue to diverge as explosive demand for bullion coins is being seen in both the U.S. and Europe.  According to a German coin dealer quoted by that country’s Gold Reporter:  “On Thursday and Friday people had to draw numbers in order for us to control the run. On both days we sold each around 40,000 silver ounces – incredible. Demand is back – and hysteria as well.”

And Coin News reports that U.S. Mint “bullion coins rallied to start November with gold coin sales jumping 14,500 ounces and silver coin sales advancing 736,000 ounces. Gains extended from an exceptional October when gold coin sales were the highest since January 2014 and silver coin sales were the highest since January 2013.” This as Sprott’s John Embry contends that “silver remains as undervalued an asset as I have ever seen.”

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Thanksgiving: Metals Over October After Down Day, Week, Month

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Gold futures were off 2.3% on Friday and silver doubled that decline, with both hitting four-year lows on the day and having their worst week since April 2013.  “Japan basically pushed gold over the edge as it triggered a major risk-on move,” according to a Saxo Bank commodity strategist, citing Japanese stimulus, the Fed ending QE and dollar strength as being “more than the market could cope with this week.”

“The main reason for gold’s fall is the strength in the dollar after the BOJ’s desperate efforts to weaken the yen,” said the head of one asset management firm, and while predicting that “Gold could fall further in the short term as the dollar could rise,” he also thinks “gold should eventually benefit as a hedge against the uncertainties and economic turmoil brought by central-bank actions.”

While in the realm of the coins, Silver Eagles had their best month of the year in October, and with sales of some 38 million this year, they’re only about one million behind the pace of 2013’s record-setting year.

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Silver Slump Gives Ratio Bump

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SilverSlumpsRatioBumpsFollowing better-than-expected U.S. GDP growth of 3.5% for the third quarter, spot gold and silver fell 1% and 3.4% respectively on Thursday, and futures were hit even harder, tumbling 2.1% and 4.9%, on what was “a rough day for the precious metals, with the financial powers-that-be trying to prove that the end of QE III need have no negative effects on their financial engineering of The Recovery™.”

With silver hitting a 56-month low, the gold/silver ratio is now pushing 73, a 66-month high, but if an in-depth chart analysis published by SilverSeek — “Time Running Out on Silver Bear” — proves correct, that could change in weeks, not months.  It predicts that November is “the time for the present silver bear market to end, and for silver to begin its next leg higher within its primary bull market.”

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QE Ends; Greenspan Goes All Gold Bug

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Spot gold and silver fell some 1.4% and 0.8% on Wednesday, with most of the drop following the FOMC announcement that it was ending it’s QE program, but that it would also keep interest rates low for a “considerable time.” The U.S. dollar rose on the announcement, which was said to have also “put downside price pressure on gold.”

But according to former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, during an appearance Wednesday, QE “didn’t do much for the real economy.” And as Zero Hedge points out, Greenspan “has suddenly had an epiphany and now has a very different message from the one he preached during his decades as the head of the Fed:  ‘Mr. Greenspan said gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments.'”  And USA Gold’s buying it:  “With the price of gold down in reaction to today’s policy statement, now might be the perfect time to heed the former chairman’s investment advice.”

Silver’s $ Volume said to Top Gold’s

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October sales of the U.S. Mint’s 2014 Gold and Silver American Eagles surpassed September’s sales this week, reports Coin News. Gold Eagles saw their best month since January, and the 4.36 million Silver Eagles sold in October was more than in any month since March. And given the outsized gold/silver ratio, which stood at 71.46 on Tuesday, Patrick Heller writes that “it should surprise no one that demand for physical silver by American investors is so strong in the U.S. that the dollar volume of retail sales by coin dealers of silver exceeds that for gold. Over the past month, demand has been especially skewed in favor of silver.”

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Metals Quiet Ahead of Fed

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Silver and gold futures inched up and down respectively on Monday, with the market said to be in “a wait-and-watch mode” ahead of this week’s FOMC meeting. One reason that gold “came under pressure” on Monday, reports Reuters, was “a sharp pullback in crude oil after Goldman Sachs slashed its price forecasts, citing lackluster global demand.” But it was also “underpinned” by China’s net gold imports from Hong Kong hitting a five-month high in September. This as the Times of India reports that annual Swiss gold exports to India have hit a record high level in advance of Switzerland’s gold referendum on November 30.

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A ‘Lifeboat’ Against Central Bankers, Politicians

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While spot gold and silver ended nearly unchanged Friday, futures inched up slightly as the dollar dropped for the first time in four days. “Today’s upward move is all about the dollar reacting to Ebola fears in New York,” according to a market strategist quoted by Bloomberg, who added that the metals’ “long-term price direction will be all about what the Fed does next,” with the next FOMC meeting set for October 28-29.

Despite being “stopped in their tracks” on Friday, “as the price dominant Comex continues to exert its inordinate influence over the real world economies,” Jesse’s Café Américain counsels that “the most fruitful perspective for the precious metals is that of a long-term investor.  Short term traders may find little to interest them here.  And when they do, it may be too late to climb on board. So we must take the markets as they are. There is no sense to criticize a lifeboat for not being a motorcycle. Do we need lifeboats? Do you trust the central banks and the politicians to safeguard your wealth and the integrity of the money and the financial system?”

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