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On Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) opened up its 2015 Intaglio Print Subscription, "Panama Canal Commemorative Program." Prints of the program... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2014/12/18 at 10:09am
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GoldMoney has expanded its senior team with the appointment of Meryl Le Feuvre as Marketing Manager and Paul Woodland, Head of Customer Relations. GoldMoney Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Turk said that, 'We are a well established global company with over 22,000 customers, but it's important to continually develop the business. The appointments of Meryl and Paul will support our future marketing and customer acquisition strategy.'Meryl joins GoldMoney from RBS International in Jersey where she had been PR Manager. Prior to this she worked in a number of marketing management roles within the UK after graduating from the University of Manchester.Geoff commented: More ››
2014/12/18 at 9:18am
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It's a positive session for commodities. More ››
2014/12/18 at 9:00am
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Via this Marketwatch story detailing the latest U.S. retirement survey data comes the chart below depicting how less than half of U.S. retirees will be able to maintain their standard of living after they pick up their golden watch and their last paycheck. Of course, one easy solution to this worsening problem is to lower your [...] More ››
2014/12/18 at 8:34am
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But gold miner industry 'fundamentally unhealthy' as 2014 price drop hits 60 percent of output. More ››
2014/12/18 at 8:16am
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MUST READS Fed Will Be ‘Patient' on Interest Rate Timing – NY Times Fed calls time on $5.7 trillion of EM dollar debt – Telegraph Oil prices carry on rebounding after the Fed – MarketWatch Putin accuses West of trying to sideline Russia – AP Putin seeks to ease fears over Russian economic crisis – BBC Russia may seek China help [...] More ››
2014/12/18 at 7:54am
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RBA Gold Audit Documents
Written Bullion Baron: Two years ago the news was publicly broken on the website that 99.9% of Australia's Gold reserves are stored at the Bank of England in the United Kingdom. Attempts by another blogger, interested in the whereabouts of Australia's Gold, had been rejected by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) only several months earlier, “The Bank does not publish the location of its gold reserves.” Bank of England gold vaultDecisions like this don't happen in a black hole. Something changed the RBA's mind, between August 2012 and December 2012, on making the location of Australia's Gold reserves public. From my More ››
2014/12/18 at 5:59am
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This is a companion piece to Tuesday's Love the Gold post, focusing on gold's role when people lose trust in money. Izabella Kaminska is journalist/blogger I follow at FT Alphaville and her personal blog because she is an original thinker and hates gold (I'm not interested in gold haters with clichéd thoughts). Her work is demanding often because she is several steps ahead and I'm scrambling to catch up, often it is because she makes logic jumps that are evident in her mind but could do with more exposition, but sometimes she is just wrong. This post from August on More ››
2014/12/18 at 2:56am
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"My main concern is still the Commercial net short positions" Yesterday In Gold & Silver Every attempt by gold to break above the $1,200 spot price mark during the Wednesday trading session was quickly sold off---and even the sharp rally after the FOMC meeting wasn't allowed to infringe on that price point. After that attempt, the price got sold down to its low of the day, which came a minute or so after 3:00 p.m. EST in electronic trading. The price rallied a bit after that, but still closed down on the day. The high and low ticks were reported More ››
2014/12/18 at 1:07am
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The tech bubble of 2000 led directly to the crisis of 2008 because after 2000 central banks radically dropped rates and began to swell the monetary base. And now they are doing it again. There was, of course, a bobble when Ben Bernanke raised rates and we've often quoted a Forbes article accusing him for one reason or another of wanting to invert the yield curve in the mid 2000s ... But that sort of manipulation brings up other issues that we won't directly address here. What IS clear is bad ... More ››
2014/12/18 at 1:06am
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Think of inflation as fire and deflation as ice. How will this latest asset reflation end? Will it subside into ice – a tremendous monetary and price deflation? Or will the current asset expansion continue into a catastrophe of fire? Often, as we've pointed out, the two look the same. When deflation appears after an enormous bubble, people claim that there is a deflationary mechanism at work in collapsing the market. But in fact, the price and monetary deflation or disinflation is a product of ... More ››
2014/12/18 at 1:04am
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Everyone has heard the statistic. One in five female students will be raped during her time on campus. Only they won't because the rate of campus rape is far, far lower and it is consistently falling. A Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report disproves the 1-in-5 figure that has been used as a political baseball bat for almost a decade. It has been used to 'prove' there is a rape culture, and to promote laws and policies that privilege women at the expense of men. The BJS report entitled "Rape ... More ››
2014/12/18 at 1:02am
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