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Jim Sinclair's Commentary Do these two gentlemen look happy? This picture was taken yesterday after a frank discussion. Jim Sinclair's Commentary Chair Yellen: Are you paying attention as your economic recovery looks poor? ISM Manufacturing Tumbles To 13-Month Lows, Employment Slumps, Construction Spending Plunges Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/02/2015 10:08 -0500 Despite a... The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/03/02 at 12:59pm
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United States Mint sales of American Eagle gold and silver coins slowed in February, taking an expected break from the quickened pace in January when newly 2015-dated editions launched. Bullion coin... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/03/02 at 12:51pm
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Jim, If only 50% of this is true, it is still very scary. CIGA LarryM. Al-Qaida planning kamikaze attacks on ships in Mediterranean, cables claim Leaked document from Russian intelligence agency claims north African branch wants to extend its range to Europe with marine unit Seumas Milne and Ewen MacAskill Wednesday 25 February 2015 13.48... The post Jim's Mailbox appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/03/02 at 12:42pm
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The cash level for the Sprott Physical Silver Trust is at the point of depletion. Time to roll out that new follow on offering and bulk it back up.  The last one was in November 2012.   With this kind of premium to NAV they should be able to do it.   Given the huge claiming for the opening of the March contract period in silver, perhaps the 'suppliers' are already More ››
2015/03/02 at 12:41pm
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Just like the post from a few days ago. However this time, instead of "different day", are we staring down the barrel of "same sh*t, different week"? read more More ››
2015/03/02 at 10:50am
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Der Spiegel devoted a recent issue of their magazine to the subject of climate change and, in the process, posed the question of whether capitalism is responsible. One look at the chart below from the lead story would suggest an affirmative response. This is, of course, another case of attempting to find a single root cause [...] More ››
2015/03/02 at 9:29am
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Two weeks ago, Jim Quinn wrote a definitive, four-part series on "The Fourth Turning" and the works of Strauss and Howe. Jim is back this week with a comprehensive, three-part expose on the looming, continued debt crisis and how this unsustainable system is certain to crash again in the near future. read more More ››
2015/03/02 at 9:27am
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Commodities react to the latest moves by China's central bank. More ››
2015/03/02 at 9:15am
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GOLD PRICES halved an early spike in Asian trade Monday morning, retreating from 2-week highs after China's central bank cut interest rates for the second time in 3 months. World stock markets edged higher as the Yuan fell to a 2-year low against the Dollar and major commodities slipped a further 0.5% overall. New PMI data today said activity in China's manufacturing sector fell in February for the second month running. The People's Bank of China on Monday cut its benchmark lending rate to 5.35% and cut its deposit rate by the same 0.25 percentage points to 2.5% per year. More ››
2015/03/02 at 8:18am
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MUST READS Fed Ushers in a New Era of Uncertainty on Rates – WSJ China's central bank cuts interest rates as slowdown deepens – AP Nemtsov murder prompts major anti-Putin rally – euobserver Are the Germans Going to Crash the World Economy? – Politico The Next Subprime Crisis Will Ride on Four Wheels – New Republic The Warming World: Is Capitalism [...] More ››
2015/03/02 at 7:53am
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Once one understands how much of the information band British media promotions occupy, it is difficult to watch the BBC for any length of time. Watch the Beeb for a day and be educated about how to believe and what to say. The Beeb is a prime exponent of dominant social themes. Each finds space for elaboration on news programming. These themes, in our view, have only one aim: They promote more centralization. Centralization of money, power, health care, media, etc. The centralization being ... More ››
2015/03/02 at 1:06am
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We were among the first alternative media websites to announce the so-called war on drugs was ending and High Alert acted soon after that to pursue elements of what could reasonably be expected to coalesce into the "cannabis industry." At the same time, or nearly the same time, we announced our suspicions that this was part of a larger legalization campaign that would have an impact on a gamut of so-called victimless crimes. ... More ››
2015/03/02 at 1:04am
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