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Haven't watched or heard CNBC's Jim Cramer in some time, but, just the first few seconds of this clip from yesterday, after what can only be described as a monster rally sandwiched between two monster sell offs (the latter coming today, apparently) just seems so dated. What does he have to say? CNCB puts it [...] More ››
2015/01/30 at 8:36am
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MUST READS Falling Prices Spread Pain Far Across The Oil Patch – WSJ Germany: talk of trimming Greek debt ‘divorced from reality' – AP France – no waiver for Greece, maybe more time to pay debts – Reuters Russia Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate as Economy Eclipses Ruble – Bloomberg Far-right leader Marine Le Pen is leading the French presidential poll [...] More ››
2015/01/30 at 8:19am
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Despite the uncertainties ahead of the Greek general election, the European Central Bank (ECB) went ahead and announced quantitative easing (QE) of €60bn per month from March to at least September 2016. What makes this interesting is the mounting evidence that QE does not bring about economic recovery. Even Jaime Caruana, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements and who is the central bankers' central banker, has publicly expressed deep reservations about QE. However, the ECB ploughs on regardless.The Keynesians at the ECB are unclear in their thinking. They are unable to answer Caruana's points, dismissing non-Keynesian economic theory as More ››
2015/01/30 at 5:41am
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Managed Money Chart Gold
Gold and silver prices consolidated recent gains this week, both having become overbought short-term, and they now appear to be building a base before an attempt to convincingly attack higher ground, though yesterday's price reaction was quite sharp. The recent slightly overbought situation for gold is shown in the chart below, which is of the Comex Managed Money category net position: The dotted line is the average net long position (since 2006), so we can see that net longs are slightly higher than that average. This tells us that fund and hedge fund managers have undergone a huge shift in sentiment over More ››
2015/01/30 at 5:13am
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The United States Mint on Thursday released images of the March of Dimes Silver Dollar, the second commemorative coin program of 2015 that was authorized by Public Law 112-209 to celebrate the 75th... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/01/30 at 3:16am
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"This was the HFT boyz and their algorithms putting the boots to the price" Yesterday In Gold & Silver The gold price chopped quietly lower in fits and starts until the London p.m. gold fix was in. At that point, the gold price was down about thirteen dollars. Then a not-for-profit seller, algorithms at the ready, ground the gold price down by another twenty bucks, with the low tick coming minutes before the 1:30 p.m. COMEX close. From that point the gold price crawled higher into the close of electronic trading at 5:15 p.m. The high and low ticks More ››
2015/01/30 at 1:21am
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One way to look at this move is to see it as a benefit for both publications. That's because there is not a lot of difference between Bloomberg and The Economist when it comes to editorial direction. Bloomberg is in a sense relentlessly authoritarian and so is The Economist. It takes a long time to fully understand the editorial policy, but once you do, it is predictable – and often discouraging. Bloomberg and The Economist have editors and writers – and owners – who are apparently convinced the ... More ››
2015/01/30 at 1:06am
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Indian tribes are taking swift steps to involve themselves in cannabis cultivation and marketing. This takes place following regulatory and business advances that have made the Native American entrée increasingly feasible. The Daily Bell previously reported on a Justice Department approval regarding Native American efforts to cultivate and sell cannabis. Almost immediately this attracted various entrepreneurial strategies, leading MJ Business Daily to write, "A handful of cannabis entrepreneurs ... More ››
2015/01/30 at 1:04am
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For a century and a half, the idea of secession has been systematically demonized among the American public. The government schools spin fairy tales about the "indivisible Union" and the wise statesmen who fought to preserve it. Decentralization is portrayed as unsophisticated and backward, while nationalism and centralization are made to seem progressive and inevitable. When a smaller political unit wishes to withdraw from a larger one, its motives must be disreputable and base, while the moti ... More ››
2015/01/30 at 1:02am
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The History channel's new miniseries, "Sons of Liberty," will anger the purists and the prudes. But it will delight the swashbuckler in the rest of us. It is a big, bodacious screening with superb production values that covers the lead-up years to the American Revolution, 1765-1775. Yes, certain liberties are taken with some of the facts and events. The main characters are glamorized. But the essential theme of America's birth is kept intact: we as a nation were spawned by a band of rebels made ... More ››
2015/01/30 at 1:01am
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Jim, What in God's name are “Non-Lethal” weapons? Squirt guns? What the hell, just print more and give it to ‘em. They need about $2 billion to keep Russia from shutting off the gas lines, and they can keep the remaining $1 billion for squirt guns (but I'll bet it will mysteriously disappear, like their... The post Jim's Mailbox appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/01/29 at 8:39pm
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Precious metals futures tumbled Thursday with gold posting the biggest loss in 13 months and silver falling the most in 19 months. Gold for April delivery tumbled $31.30, or 2.4%, to end at... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/01/29 at 4:55pm
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