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As many of you know, I was in San Francisco the week before last where I had been invited to speak at the MoneyShow, one of the biggest, most preeminent investor conferences in the world. Over the past couple of decades, I've spoken at many MoneyShows all around the country and have covered many different topics. Gold investing is one that often draws a big crowd. Not this year. Guess which natural resource stole the show? More ››
2015/07/28 at 10:05am
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Retail gold bullion coin investment demand, quarterly, Thomson Reuters GFMS
GOLD PRICES steadied against a falling US Dollar on Tuesday in London, trading around $1095 per ounce as Western stock markets bucked another slump in Chinese equities to Commodity prices also ticked higher, rising from new 13-year lows on Bloomberg's index, ahead of Wednesday's expected 'no change' decision on US rates from the Federal Reserve. "It remains our view," says London-based consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS, "that a US rate hike this year is already priced into the market. "An increase [at the Fed's September or December meetings] could well prompt a review of asset allocations that leads to an More ››
2015/07/28 at 9:38am
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- “I own Krugerrands” says legendary Jim Grant - He is “very bullish indeed” on gold - Gold is “investment in financial and monetary disorder” – says Grant - It thrives in current environment – “uncertainty, turbulence and disorder” - “One of the most radical periods of monetary experimentation in the annals of money” - “Gold…is now the conjunction of price, value and sentiment” More ››
2015/07/28 at 9:04am
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As the Federal Reserve brain trust gathers in Washington, Art Cashin talks about what a wacky year it's been so far on Wall Street with what are, historically, the most volatile few months for equity markets yet to come. I'm sure others have already pointed out how a rate hike this fall might be like “a [...] More ››
2015/07/28 at 9:00am
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Recently I posted a short essay listing three economic fallacies about the Greek crisis. The three were (1) the euro is too strong a currency for Greece, (2) debasing its own currency will allow Greece to export its way to recovery and prosperity, and (3) instituting its own currency will allow the Greek government to avoid unpopular austerity measures. To this I have added a fourth: that a currency must be backed by a political power with taxing authority. Here is my short explanation that explains why this statement is fallacious: A currency must be backed by a political power with More ››
2015/07/28 at 8:38am
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MUST READS Greece Made Preparations to Exit Euro – NY Times Varoufakis ‘contingency plan' for euro exit – Guardian China's market may be partying like it's 1929 – MarketWatch China shares fall again as Beijing scrambles to calm markets – Reuters Analyst Who Called Bottom for Shanghai Stocks Sees Further 14% Plunge – Bloomberg Shorting China's ‘A-Shares' ETF is Insanely Expensive [...] More ››
2015/07/28 at 8:18am
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Dear CIGAs, While taking a short vacation last week, this article was intended to be my first one upon returning. That plan was squashed a week ago with the brutal "interventions" upon gold and silver during the illiquid overnight hours early Sunday morning. Let me add to what I wrote last Friday by saying the... The post Truth, Justice, And (No Longer) The American Way! appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/07/28 at 1:11am
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Re: The make believe world of eurozone rules Dear Sir: In your otherwise fine column today–Monday, July 27, 2015–you conclude with this statement: “…Germany does not want to grant Greece debt relief for political reasons, and is using European law as a pretext.” Earlier in your column you pointed out that Article 125 of the European Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union prohibits countries from taking on other members' sovereign debt. You criticize–rightly, in my opinion–the ECJ for ruling that this very clear prohibition can be violated. You then point out that the German Constitutional Court twice had not supported the ECJ's More ››
2015/07/27 at 7:17pm
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Gold, silver and platinum bounced some on Monday from their sharp losses last week. Gold futures rebounded 1% after closing on Friday at an almost 5-1/2-year low. Gold for August delivery rose... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/07/27 at 5:03pm
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  There is a chart of the GDX relative to the Price of Gold.  This is why some will say that the miners are 'weak relative to the price of the metal.'  And they are.  They can get even cheaper, and the underlying metal can also get 'cheaper.' Sentiment is obviously at a negative extreme, and some of the chortling from the opinion vendors is disheartening to those who take that More ››
2015/07/27 at 4:28pm
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Gold gained $6.29 to $1104.99 by about 4AM EST before it fell back to $1089.36 in the next four and a half hours of trade and then bounced back above unchanged by about 10AM EST, but it then drifted lower again into the close and ended with a loss of 0.43%. Silver slipped to as low as $14.545 and ended with a loss of 0.88%. More ››
2015/07/27 at 4:27pm
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Stocks in the US continued to slide, in sympathy with China and a generally poor outlook for the world of real productivity and wealth. And in large part this is the rinse cycle of a wash-rinse stock market operation conducted by insiders that took US equity prices up to unsustainable levels in the first place. It looks like our cynical outlook just after Wall Street squeezed out the Paypal More ››
2015/07/27 at 4:16pm
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