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There's a new ETF in the market that sets out to reinvent biotech investing, one theme at a time. The Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF (CNCR) is the first ETF to cover cancer treatment specifically by tracking an index developed by Brad Loncar, head of Loncar Investments and a longtime biotechnology investor. More ››
2016/02/08 at 2:45pm
Via: Hard Assets Investor
As the director of research for The BAM Alliance—a community of about 140 like-minded RIA firms who believe in providing a fiduciary standard of care using an evidence-based investment strategy—I often get requests from other advisors for my help in answering questions from clients about articles they've read in the financial media. More ››
2016/02/08 at 12:15pm
Via: Hard Assets Investor
The Federal Reserve economic stimulus plan is edging toward the Twilight Zone now that the Fed sees its recovery about to be eaten by an economic apocalypse greater than its imagination could conceive. Though many think of central bankers as stogy and uncreative, the Fed has been quite creative when it comes to massive economic ideas that don't work or are extremely repressive to normal market functioning. More ››
2016/02/08 at 10:06am
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Silver finally managed to push through its upside resistance just above the $14.50 level this week and attracted some additional upside follow through as the US Dollar weakness brought on the macro trade ( Dollar down – BUY commodities). For that matter copper also rallied, as did platinum. Clearly the latter two metals are not moving higher based on signs of increasing demand but rather because of those macro trades just referenced. It is purely a matter of money flows related to the movements in the foreign exchange markets, especially considering that fact that the preference in the markets at More ››
2016/02/08 at 10:03am
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Momentum buyers and trend following funds are again making the “trend their friend.” This is seen in the increase in gold ETF holdings which have increased now for 15 consecutive days as retail and institutional investors diversify into gold to protect from increasing market volatility and concerns of new bear markets in stocks. More ››
2016/02/08 at 8:31am
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The “Year of the Monkey” begins today and China is closed. With that demand postponed for the holiday and returning at its end we expect dealers to try to pull prices back, but currency considerations and physical demand will rule the gold price. While the Chinese Lunar New Year is the highpoint for Chinese gold demand, it does not drop off significantly afterwards as the steady current of growing middle classes continues to attract demand. And this is not just a one-off purchase when they become middle class it signals the start of a continuous purchasing pattern. More ››
2016/02/08 at 7:52am
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2016/02/08 at 7:48am
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It appears the great gold bear of 2011-2016 has now ended. Mr Bear has now completed his work of cleaning up all the garbage and malinvestment created by reckless management teams over the past 15 years. Our sought after ultra low of HUI 66 where we were all going to ring the bell and back up the truck is not going to happen in my opinion. The bottom is in! More ››
2016/02/08 at 7:31am
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A short term pullback is coming due. I think it will be a buying opportunity. More ››
2016/02/08 at 6:55am
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US January nonfarm payrolls numbers should see an upward revision next month. The number is just to ensure that the US dollar weakens. February numbers will be much higher than January (if there is no weather related disruption). There are now doubts over the next interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve. This will ensure firm bullion prices and a weaker greenback. More ››
2016/02/08 at 2:04am
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BlackRock's iShares arm recently filed for two ETFs that will invest in international equities but implement different strategies. More ››
2016/02/08 at 12:30am
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Jeffrey Nichols of Rosland Capital, returns to the show with his latest insights on the precious metals sector. A new uptrend suggests the multi-year selloff may be reversing course. With signs of sluggish economic output, our guest suggests that Fed policymakers could back-peddle on the new interest rate policy. US equities could be entering a bear market, given media reports of a domestic retail "Apocalypse", with thousand retail store closings. Now that gold has recovered by nearly $100 from the recent lows, gold and silver investments represent the best portfolio insurance currently available. More ››
2016/02/08 at 12:00am
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