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Finding coins, banknotes and other collectibles for sale just got a lot easier and quicker with the launch of On Thursday, Aug. 27, the new website publicly debuted with aggregated... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/08/28 at 2:07am
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Something quite interesting took place in the silver market and I believe few investors realize the significance. After looking over the data, I came across some fascinating evidence that shows just how fearful individuals are about investing in the paper precious metal markets. While analysts and investors are familiar with the data put out by […] More ››
2015/08/28 at 12:56am
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Dear CIGAs, Two weeks back I asked the question whether or not the “Final War” had started, between the EAST AND WEST. I was called a number of politically incorrect names for suggesting the Tianjin explosion might have been an “attack” and took even more heat,… because I included the word “nuclear”. Since then there... The post What Will Historians Say? appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/08/28 at 12:42am
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Jim Sinclair's Commentary Don't laugh. Like in the USA, every pissed off person is going to line up with him and Trump if he calls a spade, a spade. All Varofake need to do is to go to the Trump school of political action, which teaches how not to be a politician. Be... The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/08/27 at 6:39pm
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Gold futures settled lower Thursday for a fourth straight day while silver futures advanced for the first time in a week. Gold for December delivery shed $2, or 0.2%, to close at $1,122.60 an ounce... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2015/08/27 at 6:01pm
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Jim Grant talks about the possibility of sustainable, “free-range” interest rates in the wake of what, increasingly, looks like just a run-of-the-mill, albeit much needed correction for the stock market that, now, should be pretty interesting to watch in the weeks ahead. More ››
2015/08/27 at 5:57pm
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Snippet: Gold gained $5.08 to $1129.18 in London before it fell back to $1118.38 at about 10AM EST and then bounced back to $1127.65 in the next 90 minutes of trade, but it then drifted back lower in afternoon trade and ended with a gain of just 0.02%. Silver rose almost 1% to $14.315 before it dropped back to $14.163, but it then More ››
2015/08/27 at 4:56pm
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Gold took a gratuitous little hit on the NY open/London PM fix this morning. It was held down most of the day. Silver managed to perk up nicely though, regaining the midpoint to the 15 handle. Next month will be more active for silver, and not so for gold. Lets see if sparky can carry the day. Not much ever happens at The Bucket Shop these days, so when Goldman takes 44,200 gold ounces More ››
2015/08/27 at 4:44pm
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The revision to 2Q GDP came in higher than expected this morning. Even more importantly, stocks did not fall out of bed overnight, so that gave the Streeters an opportunity to 'walk the dog' back up to less threatening levels after the decline on Monday got out of hand, compliments of the HFT algos. Both of the futures I follow, the SP 500 and the NDX, have achieved a fifty percent More ››
2015/08/27 at 4:18pm
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Jim, Some serious stuff going on. Makes you wonder if this a purposeful chess move to undermine the Dollar, or to wreak havoc on the US economy by raising US interest rates to burden the Treasury with increased interest expense on those treasuries? Either way, fasten your seatbelts. The Dollar is going down! CIGA Wolfgang... The post Jim's Mailbox appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. More ››
2015/08/27 at 1:48pm
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"In Killing the Host, economist Michael Hudson exposes how finance, insurance, and real estate, also known as the FIRE sector, have seized control of the global economy at the expense of industrial capitalism and governments. The FIRE sector is responsible for today’s extreme economic polarization, the 1% vs. the 99%, via favored tax status that inflates real estate prices while deflating More ››
2015/08/27 at 12:25pm
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If you just consider that which we know is happening, it's amazing. Then, when you take into consideration what must be happening behind-the-scenes, it becomes downright fascinating. read more More ››
2015/08/27 at 11:22am
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