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One of my subscribers sent an article to me that had been linked on The author laid out a case based on the recent events surrounding GDXJ and JNUG that the junior mining sector would likely “implode.” I get suspicious about an article when the author repeatedly, with much bravado, makes the claim the he is laying out facts and challenges anyone to present challenges to those “facts.” Typically that style of writing belies a conspicuous absence of facts. More ››
2017/04/24 at 12:26pm
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Today, April 24, the United States Mint began selling three-coin sets of Frederick Douglass quarters for $9.95. The coins commemorate the national historic site in Washington, DC. This latest... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] More ››
2017/04/24 at 12:10pm
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This week spot gold closed at $1,284.77, down $3.11 per ounce, or 0.24 percent. Gold stocks, as measured by the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index, ended the week lower by 3.62 percent. Junior-tiered stocks outperformed seniors for the week, as the SPX/TSX Venture Index off just 1.16 percent. The U.S. Trade-Weighted Dollar Index finished the week lower by 0.62 percent. More ››
2017/04/24 at 11:46am
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Everything you needed to know about today was actually printed on Saturday. read more More ››
2017/04/24 at 10:37am
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Chris Powell outlines the documented PMs market rigging / manipulation. Key investment banks settled nearly $100 million in combined gold and silver manipulation settlements. According to's findings, our officials have carte blanch authority to rig the markets in any way they see fit and by any means necessary. Without price transparency, free markets cannot exist. Companies continue to repurchase their capital stock, reducing share float and by proxy increasing price. The only major threat to US shares could be the failure to pass the corporate tax reform plan. If the measures fail to pass Capital More ››
2017/04/24 at 10:12am
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When you spend a couple of decades writing weekly letters to hundreds of thousands of people you think of as friends, your readers naturally come to associate you with a few key ideas. I have certainly become known for at least one. My longtime regular readers think of me as the “Muddle Through” guy. That's not an image I have tried to cultivate, but I have it anyway. More ››
2017/04/24 at 10:10am
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Remember the time you might have first heard the term ‘irrational exuberance'? I will never forget it. It was in December of 1996. Alan Greenspan tried to warn people the stock market was getting ‘carried away' at the time, which is rich considering the bubbles he was responsible for afterwards. Fast forward to today, and we have the same situation essentially, given the larger degree credit cycle is much closer to an end than a beginning, if not done. More ››
2017/04/24 at 10:07am
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Has there ever been a bigger or worse April fools joke than the spectacle this month of Donald Trump revealing the manifold ways in which he fooled the multitudes? I sympathize with the many people who hoped for a shot at changing the corrupt political-industrial establishment as they feel their opportunity evaporate around them. Their hopes were the best hope this nation had, but the head-spinning transformation of Trump has turned stomachs to where some of Trump's most ardent campaign supporters now publicly deem him Traitor Trump. More ››
2017/04/24 at 10:03am
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Chart of gold priced in Euros, last 12 months. Source: BullionVault
GOLD PRICES fell at the fastest pace in 2 weeks on Monday morning in London as pro-growth centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron received the highest number of votes in the first round of France's presidential election, with world stock markets jumping amid a sell-off in 'safe haven' government bonds, writes Steffen Grosshauser at BullionVault. Crude oil slipped back below $50 per barrel after an overnight jump, but the Euro held at 1-month highs to the Dollar, crushing the gold price for Eurozone investors almost 4.5% from last week's 8-month high at €1221 per ounce. Silver rallied from a plunge near 5-week More ››
2017/04/24 at 9:57am
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The 2011 low of 5.7 in the Dow/gold ratio wasn't far from the top of my expected bottoming range, although I doubt that the long-term downward trend is over. In any case, none of the buying/selling I do this year will be based on the realistic possibility that the Dow/gold ratio will eventually drop to 1. Such long-term forecasts are of academic interest only, or at least they should be. If I were forced to state a very long-term target for the US$ gold price, it would be infinity. The US$ will eventually become worthless, at which point gold will More ››
2017/04/24 at 9:37am
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There are two ways to react to such stories. The first is from the point of view of the finder, which is obviously “AWESOME!!!” The second is to consider the person who hid the gold in the first place and realize what a horrendous failure it represents. Someone saves for a lifetime (or audaciously steals or otherwise acquires real wealth), and rather than trusting the banking/currency system, hides that wealth in physical form, either for their own future enjoyment or their descendants' security. This kind of wealth really can change the course of many future generations. More ››
2017/04/24 at 9:34am
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As we write this, the big news comes from the election in France. The leading candidate is a banker named Emmanuel Macron, with about 24% of the vote in a 4-candidate race. The anti-euro Marine Le Pen came in second with just over 21%. From the sharp rally in the euro, which was up about 2% at one point, we assume that observers believe the odds of France leaving the euro have just gone down. More ››
2017/04/24 at 9:23am
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