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I have been asked my opinion regarding cryptocurrencies. Let's start by saying I have no doubt within only a short time, “crypto currencies” will be issued and embraced by central banks. This is not to say I am endorsing Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other digital currency. It is even possible that not a single existing crypto will exist when central banks finally make their leap. moreContinue Reading
September 20, 2017

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Bill Holter's Commentary How do you hide $14 trillion? I guess in a world of smoke and mirrors, not so hard to do? Canada Flagged As Hidden $14 Trillion Credit Bubble Stokes Global Crisis FearsSeptember 18, 2017 The world's top financial watchdog has uncovered US$14 trillion of global dollar debt hidden in derivatives and swap... » The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. moreContinue Reading
September 20, 2017

Jim’s Mailbox

Compliments of GG Jim DANGER: This Major Warning Indicator Just Hit An All-Time Record, But This Is Truly Shocking!September 19, 2017 … CAUTION: All-Time Record Number Of People Expect Stock Prices To Surge … This Is Remarkable… Today legend Art Cashin shared what Jim Brown of Option Investor had to say about the tear the... » The post Jim's Mailbox appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset. moreContinue Reading
The low oil price is negatively impacting another OPEC oil exporter as it continues to liquidate its foreign exchange reserves. Algeria, like Saudi Arabia, has seen its international reserves plummet by more than 40% as the oil price fell in half since 2014. Algeria joined OPEC back in 1969 and is currently producing 1.1 million... moreContinue Reading
September 20, 2017

Another Fascinating JBSFC

John and Steve recorded another fascinating hour last evening and, as usual, you would be well-served to give it a listen. read more moreContinue Reading
Suppose the hypothetical American family has $200,000 in credit card and mortgage debt. Income is approximately $40,000 per year. Assume annual credit card and mortgage interest rates average 8%. The interest only on the debt is nearly half the annual income, before many taxes and living expenses. Reducing the principal balance with minimum payments consumes most remaining income – for a very long time, assuming this family could somehow survive without increasing their debt. moreContinue Reading
September 20, 2017

Levels To Watch Today

Not much new to discuss this morning as everything will key off of Mother's Fedlines and presser this afternoon. To that end, here are some key levels to watch after the dust settles. read more moreContinue Reading
As well as being the largest importer of gold in the world, and the world's largest consumer of gold, the Chinese gold mining sector is the world's largest national gold producer. According to the China Gold Association, China produced 453.5 tonnes of gold from mining operations during 2016, maintaining its pole position as the world's largest gold producer for the 10th consecutive year. Most of this gold production comes from direct gold mining, however, about 10-20% results as a byproduct of other non-ferrous mining. moreContinue Reading
In an extensive, must-read report published on Monday by Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid, the credit strategist unveiled an extensive analysis of the “Next Financial Crisis”, and specifically what may cause it, when it may happen, and how the world could respond assuming it still has means to counteract the next economic and financial crash. moreContinue Reading
GOLD BARS traded in London's wholesale bullion market halved this week's 1.1% drop ahead of the US Federal Reserve's September rates decision on Wednesday, rallying as the Dollar fell on the currency market. Peaking at $1315 per ounce, the price of large 400-ounce gold bars rose as the Euro hit a 1-week high of $1.20 and the Mexican Peso rose from 2-week lows to the Dollar despite the powerful earthquake which killed at least 220 people in Mexico City on Tuesday. Major economy bond prices rose, edging yields lower before the Fed, while global stock markets held flat overall after moreContinue Reading
By: Frank ShostakMost economists believe that a growing economy requires a growing money stock, on the grounds that growth gives rise to a greater demand for money, which must be accommodated. Failing to do so, it is maintained, will lead to a decline in the prices of goods and services, which in turn will destabilize the economy and lead to an economic recession or, even worse, depression.Since growth in money supply is of such importance, it is not surprising that economists are continuously searching for the correct — or the optimum — growth rate of the money supply.Some economists who moreContinue Reading
By: Ryan McMakenLast week US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warned the US will impose new sanctions on China if it doesn't conform to UN sanctions on North Korea:"If China doesn't follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and international dollar system, and that's quite meaningful."In other words, the administration wants to sanction one of the US's biggest trading partners, and the world's second-largest economy.China is the world's third-largest recipient of Americans exports, behind only Canada and Mexico. China is the world's largest source of imports for Americans, slightly ahead of moreContinue Reading